Marketing Tools: 56 Best Choices for Business Growth in 2020

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There’s no doubt that people use marketing tools to perform their best. 

Yet, there are too many business tools for marketing. And it’s hard to decide which ones to use.

The question is: 

Do you want to invest right in digital marketing tools?

One of the best marketing strategies is to leverage the right tools for you.

I’m going to show you my list of the 56 most practical marketing tools. Above all, these tools will work GREAT in 2020. If you’re looking for the best marketing tools, then you’ll enjoy this post.

Let’s get started!


Chapter 1

Web Analytics Tools

A website is one of the most critical brand elements in online marketing. You can rank high in SERPs and improve user experience if you optimize your website.

If you don’t know your visitor’s behavior, you cannot make your website be the hub of your business. This makes it difficult to increase your traffic or conversion rate.

But you can learn how to fix these mistakes using web analytics tools.

In this chapter, I’ll share the best marketing tools for web analytics for 2020.

Lucky Orange

Witness how exactly visitors use your website.

Lucky Orange captures every visitor’s action. Their recording feature shows you everything your visitors do on your website.

Also, it detects when your visitors stop browsing your website. As a result, you can develop strategic plans for your problems.

Besides, their heatmap feature will help you to read your visitor’s mind.

Screenshot of Lucky Orange Tool Heatmaps
Lucky Orange Heatmaps


Understand your audience wants and identify why they bounce.

Hotjar is another great web analytics tool that reveals how people use your website.

It visualizes user behavior with its heatmaps and records what they do on your website.

Besides, their conversion funnels identify where you have improvement opportunities.

Thus, you can use this tool to optimize your conversions and user experience.

Screenshot of Conversion Funnels on Hotjar Tool
Hotjar Conversion Funnels

Website Grader

Test how strong your website is.

Website Grader is an online tool that you can use to grade your site against key metrics such as performance, mobile readiness, SEO and security.

It generates a report for any website to view the performance grade, the usability grade, and the overall grade.

Screenshot of Web Analytics Results on Website Grader Tool
Overall Web Analytics Results – Website-Grader

Google Analytics

One of the best web analytics tools on the web.

Google Analytics gives insights into your website traffic and visitors. You will see how the sources use your website.

It helps you to measure your web performance by setting goals by setting your goals. That makes it easier for you to analyze your ROI.

Besides, you can integrate with your Adwords accounts and track your ads performance.

In short, this is one of the best online marketing tools for free!

Google Analytics Dashboard
Google Analytics Dashboard
Chapter 2

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

In this chapter, I’m going to show the best marketing tools for SEO.

It is critical to give search engines the information you want to rank in SERPs. So, you need to know what SEO errors your website has and fix them.

Also, you need to understand what competitors are doing better. Then you can provide better pages and beat them.

It is scary but true:

If you don’t rank at the top of the SERP, you don’t exist on the internet.

In this chapter, I’ll show you my top SEO tools that will let you win SEO games in 2020.


The top-of-the-line competitor research and SEO backlink checker tool.

Ahrefs helps to check popular pages, organic keywords in SERPs and backlinks.

This is a powerful backlink analysis tool. It shows you ranking score, and URL and domain rating based on backlink profile.

So you can analyze your competitor’s backlinks better as well as yours.

Thus, you can improve link building strategies that boost your SEO.

In brief, Ahrefs is one of my favorite online marketing tools!

Screenshot of Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

SEO SiteCheckup

Check technical SEO errors and improve your SEO performance.

This is a powerful SEO analytics and web monitoring tool.

You can get an in-depth SEO report that tells you technical errors. You’ll see many improvements from HTML and CSS efficiency to site speed.

Also, it gives you tutorials for fixing those problems. Thus, you can work on them right away.

Screenshot of Seo Site Checkup Overview
Seo Site Checkup Overview

Google Search Console

Google’s rank-tracking, index coverage, and conversion checker tool.

It’s one of the best tools for SEO that comes from Google. It lists all the errors you have with Google search.

Google Search Console gives detailed information on a specific URL. For example, you’ll see index coverage and canonical URL.

Thus, you can fix your website errors and provide a better user experience.

Google Search Console Overview
Google Search Console Overview

Google PageSpeed Insights

Check what makes your website slow loading with actionable suggestions.

This is one of my favorite free SEO tools that tells you how fast your website loads. It analyzes your page and gives its performance scores with some audits.

Also, it suggests how to improve the load speed and usability.

In short, you will know the exact steps to speed up your website.

Google PageSpeed Insights Test Results
Google PageSpeed Insights Test Results

Yoast SEO Plugin

The No.1 SEO plugin for WordPress users.

Yoast SEO Plugin audits your page’s SEO and readability.

It shows a list of analysis results and tells you how to improve them. You can configure the title, meta tag and canonical URL for search engines with this tool.

Yoast SEO creates advanced sitemaps and manages social sharing.

Above all, this SEO marketing tool is a must if you use WordPress.

Yoast SEO Analysis Results
Yoast SEO Analysis Results

Screaming Frog

Track websites ́ URLs and bring key elements to analyze and audit technical and onsite SEO.

Screaming Frog is an amazing app that you can use to effectively crawl both small and very large websites.

What is more, it enables you to analyze the results in real-time.

Thus, it collets key onsite information to allow SEOs to make decisions based on the data they ́ve just obtained.

SEO Spider - Screaming Frog
SEO Spider – Screaming Frog

Answer the Public

Gain valuable search intents for your keywords.

Answer the Public shows what searchers type into Google for a specific keyword.

It finds questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabeticals, and related searches for your topic.

Thus, you can get these valuable search intents from many angles.

It is a unique way to generate content ideas and improve your contents.

Answer the Public Results for marketing tools
Answer the Public Results for marketing tools


Add LSI keywords into your entire content to boost your SEO.

Keys4Up is one of the greatest keyword research tools especially for LSI keywords.

It automates to find your LSI keywords from having the same term to relevant keywords.

By adding these LSI keywords, you can make your contents more relevant for search engines.

This will help you to rank higher in SERPs and drive more traffic.

Keys4Up LSI keywords results for marketing tools
Keys4Up LSI keywords results for marketing tools

Link Prospector

Finding your new outreach and link building opportunities.

Link Prospector helps you to locate and arrange new outreach opportunities as well as to give your content the relevant amplification it needs to get more links and shares.

It also helps you to promote your content to link pages, or you can even use it as a supportive resource in a guest post.

Besides, you can promote your content into industry related blogs or to journalists using this tool.

You just have to type in research phrases to create a new campaign and it will report back related pages which you can use in order to send emails and build links.

Find Prospects - Link Prospector
Find Prospects – Link Prospector


Get your website insights about duplicate contents, broken links and more.

Siteliner is a free marketing tool that detects SEO errors including duplicate contents.

It tells you how your website is, compared with other sites that Siteliner scanned.

Thus, you can see what pages of yours impact search engine rankings and confuse visitors.

Siteliner Report
Siteliner Report
Chapter 3

Local SEO Marketing Tools

Next, the following local SEO tools that give you local results.

Only implementing technical SEO doesn’t make it easy for people to find you in local search.

In this chapter, I’ll share the local SEO marketing tools that will help you to improve your local search.


Ensure your local business information is in local directories.

Yext is one of the best local business management tools.

It controls your business contact information for up to 70+ local directories. Also, you can update your NAP in each list at once.

Besides, it suppresses duplicate listings and monitors reviews.

For these reasons, I use Yext more over the other similar digital tools.

Yext Overview
Yext Overview


Leave your competitors behind using their keyword suggestions.

RankingCoach optimizes your website from angles of SEO, local SEO, and social media.

It allows you to see what step to take next on the dashboard and tells you how to improve your website step-by-step.

Besides, the keyword research algorithms and competitor analysis tell you the best keywords. So, you can stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re new to local SEO and on the search for new marketing tools, I strongly advise you to try it.

rankingCoach Task Management
rankingCoach Task Management

Moz Local

Make your business listing accurate and consistent for local search.

Moz Local shows you how complete your local business listings are on each network.

What is more, it tells you where your incomplete listings are with their listing score.

As a result, you can make your NAP consistent across all the local directories.

Moz Local Overview
Moz Local Overview
Chapter 4

Digital Advertising Tools

Then, it’s all about how to succeed in digital advertising techniques.

Digital advertising would be one resultful investment for your business.

Now that more and more pages display before organic results in SERPs. 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid advertisements on the search results page.

To sum up, you need to ROCK if you advertise your website and contents.

In this chapter, you’ll see my favorite advertising strategies with tools. These marketing tools can help you to improve your search engine marketing campaign.


The world’s best keyword research and competitor analysis tool.

SEMrush shows how your competitor gets search traffic and which keywords they rank.

It uncovers your competitor’s marketing strategies and your keywords opportunities to convert.

You can use exact-match keywords for your bidding to create your converting advertising.

In short, this marketing tool is indispensable for digital advertising campaigns!

SEMRush Keyword Overview
SEMRush Keyword Overview

Google Keyword Planner

Choose your keywords from the most reliable data on Google.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular keyword research tools.

This marketing tool helps you to see how competitive your keywords are and new keyword ideas.

Their keyword bidding feature shows how much Google advertisers pay for specific keywords.

This tool requires you to have only a Google AdWords account. But you can use its database without creating a campaign in Google AdWords.

Google Keyword Planner Keyword Ideas
Google Keyword Planner Keyword Ideas

Google Adwords Editor

Google’s handy PPC management tool.

Google Adwords Editor helps to update and manage tasks for your advertising campaigns.

It allows you to make changes in your ads conditions offline. So you can make adjustments anywhere when needed.

Also this tool shows new keyword opportunities for you.

Google Adwords Editor Campaign Setting
Google Adwords Editor Campaign Setting
Chapter 5

Content Marketing Tools

In this chapter, I’ll cover the best content marketing tools for 2020.

Well-optimized contents will lead your audience through the sales and action cycle.

Yet, if you don’t have contents that perform best for SEO rankings and get backlinks, people cannot find you.

So, the question is: How can you make your content marketing stand out?

I’m going to tell you how to push you ahead of your competititors with these best marketing tools.


Content marketer’s must-have tools that find real shareable contents.

BuzzSumo provides you with a list of the most shared content across all social networks.

Also, it identifies the influencers for a specific keyword.

Thus, you can get what kind of contents people share for a particular topic. So that it is easier for you to create better contents.

Buzzsumo Content Analyzer
Buzzsumo Content Analyzer


Give keyword ideas for your future contents.

Ubersuggest is one of the best marketing tools for keyword research.

It shows you an insightful overview of search volume, SEO difficulty, and cost per click.

Also, you can get a bunch of keyword suggestions for your keyword, and you can see the keyword’s SERP analysis.

Thus, you can target the keywords that are possible to rank in the top results on Google.

Ubersuggest Keyword Overview
Ubersuggest Keyword Overview

Hemingway Editor

Get your writing clear and bold, and engage your audience.

Hemingway Editor highlights complex sentences and weakening phrases.

It tells you where you use the passive voice and compound words to rephrase.

You can revise the sentences that are hard to understand until the warning disappears.

By fixing these detects, you can improve the readability and convert better.

Hemingway Editor App
Hemingway Editor App


A handy browser-based visual design tool for non-designers.

Canva makes it easy for non-designers to design visuals with a drag-and-drop interface.

It offers a massive list of pre-made templates, fonts, colors, filters, icons, and shapes.

Besides, it allows you to create your templates and save them in your Canva account.

If you don’t have a designer in your team, Canva is a great choice for your visual content!

Canva Templates
Canva Templates


Your secret writing assistant that detects your grammar mistakes.

This is one of my favorite marketing tools that helps me to deliver error-free messages.

It highlights your writing mistakes and tells you what you have done wrong in real-time.

You can avoid grammatical mistakes that destroy your credibility and have clear communication.

It’s a free online marketing tool. Why not try?

Grammarly Demo Document
Grammarly Demo Document

Google Trends

Check if your keywords have search demands before setting your topic.

Google Trends shows search interests by search volume, related topics, and related queries.

Besides, you can compare up to 5 keywords to see their search popularities by the keywords.

So, you can choose topics or keywords based on what the world is searching.

In brief, Google Trends helps you to avoid focusing on wrong keywords.

Google Trends Keywords Comparison
Google Trends Keywords Comparison


Your visual content is made for you.

Placeit is a growing template library that is constantly updated with the latest design trends for every need. 

You can create everything from a logo, branded marketing assets, to videos with original soundtracks.

You’ll find it easy to customize mockups, designs, or video templates, then just save or download.

This tool is perfect for non-designers, solopreneurs or teams. Check out their free templates.

  • Price: $14.95 per month / $89.69 per year
  • Official website: Placeit
Chapter 6

Social Media Marketing Tools

When it comes to social media, you know the management consumes a lot of time and energy.

But social media is a great marketing tool for promotion.

In this chapter, I’ll show you my best social media marketing tools list.

So that you can create connections with the audience and expand your messages to the world.


A handy but powerful social media management solution.

Hootsuite automates the processes for scheduling future social posts using its content calendar.

It tells you the optimal time for your social posts. So, you don’t miss the chances to interact with your audience.

Also, this marketing tool allows you to create social contests and sweepstakes.

Hootsuite Social Media Stream
Hootsuite Social Media Stream


Stay on top of managing social posts within one dashboard.

Like Hootsuite, Buffer is another great social media management tool.

This one allows you to schedule social posts to your channels. You can also track your social media performance in one place.

What makes it different is the ability of sharing online find.

Besides, Buffer enables you to manage a better communication on the social media.

Buffer Social Media Posts Scheduler
Buffer Social Media Posts Scheduler

Sprout Social

One of the best all-in-one social media management solutions.

Sprout Social is one of the best social media management tools. Unlike the other tools, it gives in-depth report for your social media performance.

From scheduling posts to qualitative audience research, there are lots of functionalities. It helps to conduct better social listening by setting alerts for what you want to hear. Also you can manage social communication from Sprout Social.

In particular, Sprout Social’s agency programs allow you to manage multi-clients’ accounts.

Sprout Social Publishing
Sprout Social Publishing


Discover best online business opportunities and grow customer satisfaction.

Brand24 detects social conversation around your interests and drives you to instant interactions.

As well as mention and sentiment analysis, it has a powerful hashtag tracking feature. You can manage hashtag campaigns and see who the influencers for your business are.

Also, Brand24 integrates with Slack. You can enhance real-time engagement whenever social mention happens.

Brand24 Marketing Tools Mentions
Brand24 Marketing Tools Mentions

Talkwalker Free Social Research

Track your online visibility in real-time for free.

Talkwalker Free Social Research uncovers key marketing metrics in real-time.

It shows the locations, demographics and influencers for your topic.

Also, you can understand the related information about topics, hashtags, and more.

Besides, Talkwaker digs deeper the top conversation including its engagements and potential reach.

Overview Report - Talkwalker Overview Report
Overview Report – Talkwalker


Not only a Facebook Messenger marketing platform, but also a free chatbot builder.

MobileMonkey allows you to build an enormous contacts list on Facebook Messenger. You can also book appointments and promote content with this tool.

If you train your chatbot, it can answer customer inquiries for you.

Thanks to MobileMonkey, you can get more ROI than likes from Facebook ads too. And, on top of that, it helps you to leverage AI to serve the content users needs.

Welcome dialogue - MobileMonkey
Welcome dialogue – MobileMonkey


Simplify your social media management.

With AgoraPulse you can post to all your social accounts so as to expand your content. You can queue or schedule your content and publish it on the right moment for you.

What is more, you can easily answer to all your conversations in just one place. Not surprisingly, you can reschedule and requeue your posts over and over again.

It also allows you to customize your content for each social network and monitor all those social conversations that have a significant relevance for you.

This tool definitely helps you to build meaningful relationships with your audience.

Inbox Review - AgoraPulse
Inbox Review – AgoraPulse

TweetReach by Union Metrics

Get a comprehensive analytics on social posts and profiles.

TweetReach gives you insightful real-time reports about your hashtags.

Their snapshot shows the performance and engagement like hashtag popularity and influencers.

This way, you can improve your strategy by targeting people who really talk about the topic.

Besides, if you use TweetReach Pro, you can see how to track hashtags across social media accounts.

TweetReach Snapshot Report
TweetReach Snapshot Report


Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement.

With this tool you can reach your audience and discover the best of Twitter. It allows you to use various timelines in one easy interface.

What is more, it includes lots of advanced features so as to help you get the most of Twitter.

For instance, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, build Tweet collections, and so on and so forth.

New Tweet - TweetDeck
New Tweet – TweetDeck

Rival IQ

Increase your performance, strengthen your strategy and save time.

This tool can undoubtedly help you to make better social media decisions. Rival IQ allows you to know which of your posts gets a better result within your audience, as well as to compare them to other posts including the ones made by your competitors.

You might also use this tool to get an insight into your competitors ́ strategy. Thus, you can use this knowledge to react quickly and get better results.

In short, you can use Rival IQ for lost of things, even to find inspiration for your social campaigns. So, it not only allows you to grow your followers, but also to check on your competitors use.

Cross-Channel Metrics - Rival-IQ
Cross-Channel Metrics – Rival-IQ


The most sophisticated influencer search engine.

Klear helps you to easily find influencers of any category and location through Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Blogs with its software.

It counts with an influencer database that not only ignores fake followers, but also has a global reach and pays attention to audience demographics.

Its advanced filters will allow you to examine loads of profiles and focus on the ones that are relevant for you.

Influencer Search - Klear
Influencer Search – Klear


Your secret weapon that shows you when you get most exposure.

Tweriod is a Twitter marketing tool that tells you the best time to post.

It shows you the interactive periods of the day based on your followers’ active time.

By tweeting when most of your audience is active, you can have more chances to spread messages.

Tweriod Hourly Graph for Followers
Tweriod Hourly Graph for Followers
Chapter 7

CRM / Email Marketing Tools

It’s no wonder that acquiring new customers is very important.

Yet, retaining them remains the key to business growth.

You need marketing strategies to improve customer experience after the first contact.

In this chapter, from subscriber management to customer service, you’re about to see my top CRM tools and lead generation software.

Then, you’ll be ready to create personalization and improve your engagement rates.


Convert your visitors into subscribers in optimal ways.

This is one of the most powerful conversion optimization and lead generation tools.

You can create many types of forms including popups and bars.

With an exit-intent technology or session duration, you can show your forms the way you like. It allows you to target by page, platform, location, etc.

Besides, you can ensure your performance with A/B tests.

In brief, you can maximize conversions and grow your email list.

OptinMonster Optin Campaign Composition
OptinMonster Optin Campaign Composition

Hubspot CRM

Manage your pipeline and nurture your leads and customers for free.

Hubspot CRM organizes every interaction history with your customers.

After creating contact profiles, you can track deals and the assigned people’s performance. So, you won’t have to dig through all the index and documents to see what’s your next move.

Also, it allows you to have a real-time conversation with customers to build relationships.

Besides, Hubspot CRM integrates with other Hubspot marketing tools to upgrade your services.

Hubspot CRM Marketing Dashboard
Hubspot CRM Marketing Dashboard


Powerful email marketing & automations platform.

Moosend makes email automation undoubtedly easier for you. Whether it’s a newsletter or a campaign, this tool allows you to automate as you go. You can even design your own automation workflows.

By using this tool, you will be able to design awesome email marketing campaigns easily, track your email marketing performance in real time and send the right message to the right person at the right time.

What is more, they use Message Systems infrastructure, so this will definitely help you to increase your delivery rate and ROI.

Moosend - New Campaign
Moosend – New Campaign


Test influencers, arrange your relationships, and conduct outreach that’s individual and productive.

BuzzStream helps you to find out contact information, social profiles and site metrics. It makes it easier for you to arrange in order of priority the most important and influential contacts.

Besides, you ́ll never lose track of a conversation with this tool because it automatically saves your emails and tweets, and allows you to set reminders to follow-up.

You can use BuzzStream to cooperate with your teammates and share information with them so as to keep your projects well organized.

It also gives you a profound insight into your outreach campaigns, team performance and link placements through personalized reports.

Website Analysis - BuzzStream
Website Analysis – BuzzStream


Conduct a quick contact information search.

Hunter is an email hunting tool that finds email addresses by typing a domain name.

It allows you to connect new leads that you want and grow your contacts list.

Also you can search a specific person’s contact information with Hunter.

This tool is good to use for capturing B2B leads and outreach.

Hunter Email Search
Hunter Email Search


One of the best email marketing automation tool.
MailChimp is one of the most popular free email marketing tools.

It allows you to create HTML customized email marketing templates for campaigns.

It helps you to increase subscribers and segment them into different email lists.

As a result, you can craft engaging emails and improve email experience.

MailChimp Templates
MailChimp Templates


The world’s best innovative CRM solution for customer service.

Salesforce helps you to build one-to-one marketing relationships using cloud-based customer relationship management.

It offers several cloud services that automate customer services. And you can get a full view of reps and all the performance they had with each customer.

In other words, Salesforce helps you to connect to your customers in practical ways.

Salesforce Sales Overview
Salesforce Sales Overview
Chapter 8

Reputation Management Tools

If you have an online business, you need to take care of your online reputation.

Online reputation can not only grow your business but also destroy your credibility.

In this chapter, I’ll cover some online reputation management tools.

Google Alerts

No more overlooked online mentions and respond to the findings in real-time.

This is the easiest way to check online mentions about you.

Google Alerts sends you a notification when it finds your registered keywords on the web.

You can see where people talk about you and how your contents perform.

By tracking your competitor’s mentions, it will also tell their marketing activities.

Don’t miss the opportunities to build relationships with these leads.

Google Alerts New Results
Google Alerts New Results


Control and grow your online business reputations.

BrightLocal is an integrated SEO platform that makes reputation management easy.

It creates customized review-request emails and generates more reviews that matter to you.

This makes it easier not only for you but also for customers to give feedback.

Also you will have local SEO and citation tracking supports from BrightLocal.

BrightLocal Citation Results
BrightLocal Citation Results


Manage most of the online review sites and boost your visibility

ReviewInc gives you control over feedback for over 600 major review sites.

It creates surveys, coupons and autoresponders that improve your branding.

Also, you can customize each section of ReviewInc and make it work for your business.

Besides, ReviewInc optimized these full features for mobile use.

So you can control you online review and reputation anywhere.

ReviewInc Public Review Sites
ReviewInc Public Review Sites


Gain online reviews and customer feedback.

Whitespark takes control of your reputation and gets feedback and testimonials.

Also, it measures customer satisfaction and gives you insights of your customer experience.

This will make it easier for you to solve problems if any, and improve your strengths.

WhiteSpark Reputation Management
WhiteSpark Reputation Management
Chapter 9

Collaboration Tools

Finally, this is the last chapter in this post. I’m going to share my everyday marketing tools for teamwork.

Collaboration tools improve the productivity and get things done in less time.

In short, having the right collaboration tools is essential. Unless you work alone.

In other words, this is where collaboration and teamwork happens.


Your must-have online business team communication hub.

With Slack, your team can communicate and work in an efficient way. You can send messages, call, share files and transfer codes with groups or a specific person.

It integrates with most of your marketing tools including social media and WordPress. Thus, you can have all the communication in one place and manage your marketing team efforts.

Creating channels for your purposes in Slack makes it a lot easier for your team to keep projects on track.

Slack Direct Messages
Slack Direct Messages

Atlassian JIRA

The best agile project management and development tool.

JIRA is one of my favorite PM tools that controls how agile projects complete.

This tool has lots of functionalities and integrations from JIRA marketplace. So, you can customize project-workflows that adapt your company processes and needs.

Besides, your team can always access up-to-date information to respond to changes anytime.

In brief, JIRA has everything you need for project management.

Jira Configure System Dashboard
Jira Configure System Dashboard


The free agile project and workflow management tool.

Trello is one of the best free communication tools on the web. It organizes your projects and shares development workflows within your team.

It allows you to create boards, lists, and cards with members, due dates and more information. You can add everything on projects including files and feedback.

Moreover, it manages your workflow and makes all the works visible.

In short, Trello enables you to chase what tasks are active and who is working without having to ask anyone.

Trello Integrations
Trello Integrations

IFTTT (If This Then That)

Help your apps and devices to work together.

IFTTT works with Applets that bring your services (the apps and devices you use on a regular basis) together to create new experiences. Thus, each service has different applets you can turn on.

For example, you can build a smart home that automatically turns on your porch lights welcoming the pizza delivery guy.

Other typical pairings are tweeting you instagrams as native twitter photos or creating an event on your iPhone’s Calendar with Google Home.

Applets - IFTTT
Applets – IFTTT


All-in-one marketing platform that organizes all your marketing activities.

CoSchedule creates powerful marketing calendars for your marketing campaigns.

You can share weekly schedules with your team and improve your workflow.

It creates cross-functional calendars and shows you the progress of each performance.

So, you can set realistic goals and approach the problems to complete on time.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar
CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

Google Drive

Google’s free online cloud storage tool.

Google Drive allows you to keep your data organized with your online marketing team.

You can upload files and folders and share them with others.

Besides, it integrates with other Google services. So you can handle multimedia sources with this tool.

Google Drive Files
Google Drive Files

What’s your favorite marketing tool?

In conclusion, those are my best marketing tools for 2020.

And now I’d love to hear your take.

Which online marketing tools in this list are your favorite?

Or didn’t I mention any great digital marketing tools and techniques?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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