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Are you looking to balance the flexibility of contract work with the stability of a permanent position? Evinex’s Contract to Hire services offer the perfect solution. We provide a trial period where IT professionals prove their value in real-time on your projects, giving you the confidence to make informed hiring decisions.

Navigating the uncertainty of hiring can be daunting. With Contract to Hire, you mitigate the risk by evaluating candidates in your actual work environment before extending a permanent offer. Evinex streamlines this process, ensuring a smooth transition from temporary to full time employment, aligning with your business rhythms and reducing turnover. Trust in Evinex to deliver staffing agility that evolves with your business demands.

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Evinex stands at the forefront of bridging temporary flexibility with permanent potential through our Contract to Hire services. We recognize the strategic importance of finding the right fit for your long-term goals while maintaining the agility to respond to immediate project demands. Our approach is tailored to the tech sector’s dynamic nature, providing a seamless transition from interim to permanent staffing solutions.

Our Contract to Hire model is designed to support your evolving business needs with precision. We offer a robust selection of IT professionals who are not only ready to tackle your project challenges but also poised to become integral members of your team. With Evinex, you gain a partner who values the importance of cultural fit and skill alignment. We don’t just place consultants; we build teams that foster innovation and drive your business forward.

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Seamless Integration, Lasting Engagement

Are you looking to assess a professional’s fit before making a long-term commitment? Evinex’s Contract to Hire services provide the perfect blend of temporary support with the option for permanent employment. This model allows you to evaluate an IT professional’s performance and cultural fit within your team before offering a full-time position, ensuring they align with your company’s values and long-term objectives.

With Evinex’s Contract to Hire option, you take advantage of having our consultant on your team, performing the work needed to be successful, before you decide to extend a full time offer. This mitigates the risks associated with direct hiring and gives both you and the candidate the time to assess suitability for the role. We supply pre-screened candidates ready to demonstrate their experience and skills on your projects, giving you the confidence that your investment in new hires is sound. Embrace the flexibility of contract work with the assurance of finding the right permanent talent for your team.

Why Choose Evinex for Contract to Hire Staffing?

Bridging Temporary Needs with Permanent Potential for Strategic Business Growth

Turnaround Efficiency

Speed is our hallmark, with a swift turnaround that reflects our commitment to your staffing needs. From initial contact to candidate presentation, we work diligently to keep the pace without compromising quality.

Time to Placement

Evinex prioritizes your time by accelerating the placement process. Our refined approach ensures that your roles are filled promptly, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime.

Candidate Pool Depth

Leveraging our deep candidate pool, Evinex bypasses conventional recruitment channels to deliver exceptional IT professionals, ensuring a match that goes beyond the resume.

Expertise in Action

Our collective century of IT staffing experience translates into actionable insights for your hiring needs, providing a depth of service that understands the subtleties of your sector.

Sustained Engagement

At Evinex, we measure success by longevity, not just placement. Our focus on long-term compatibility results in higher retention and enduring contributions to your team.

Assured Quality

Confidence in our service is backed by solid guarantees. We deliver staffing solutions with the assurance that you will be fully satisfied with the talent we provide.

Personalized Management

Your dedicated Account Executive at Evinex serves as your strategic ally, offering personalized attention to align our staffing solutions with your business objectives.

Secure Collaboration

We uphold stringent data protection protocols to safeguard your sensitive information, ensuring a secure partnership in all staffing endeavors.

Evolving Excellence

Evinex is committed to perpetual growth, valuing your input as a catalyst for refining our staffing services to better serve your evolving needs.

Resource Assurance

Our candidates are more than just skilled; they are thoroughly screened and ready to deliver on the expectations of your dynamic IT projects from the outset.

Tailored Industry Insight

Our staffing acumen is enriched by direct IT industry experience, equipping us with the foresight to navigate the unique demands of your field for precise talent alignment.

Strategic Staffing Pathway: Contract to Hire

A Comprehensive Blueprint for Transitioning Temporary Talent to Permanent Success

Understanding Your Vision

We initiate our process with an in-depth analysis of your company’s culture, project specifics, and long-term goals to ensure we find the right fit for your staffing needs.

Crafting the Right Role

We develop a detailed job description that captures the essence of the role, aligning with your strategic objectives and the competencies required for your project’s success.

Market Intelligence Gathering

We leverage market insights and industry data to inform our strategic approach, ensuring we target candidates who are not only qualified but also interested in contract-to-hire opportunities.

Precision in Sourcing

Our approach to sourcing candidates is both strategic and targeted, focusing on individuals who bring the right blend of skills, experience, and potential for long-term fit.

Thorough Candidate Screening

Each candidate undergoes a thorough screening process, ensuring their qualifications, work history, and professional references meet your high standards.

The Interview Stage

We conduct comprehensive interviews to gauge the candidate’s technical abilities, soft skills, and fit within your company’s culture and project needs.

Showcasing Top Talent

After our detailed vetting process, we present you with a curated list of candidates, highlighting their strengths and potential for your review.

Seamless Interview Coordination

We take care of all interview arrangements, ensuring a smooth and timely process that respects the schedules of all parties involved.

Negotiation Expertise

Our team works with our clients and candidates to ensure the interim financial arrangement allows the transition to permanent hire to go smoothly.

Trust Through Verification

We conduct detailed reference checks and background verifications to ensure trustworthiness and professional integrity.

Integration Support

From our onboarding to the interim role on your project to transitioning our consultant to your team full time, we focus on ensuring communication and expectations are clear from all parties concerned.

Ensuring Performance Standards

We monitor the performance of contract staff closely, ensuring they meet project objectives and contribute positively to your team.

Partnership Beyond Placement

Our commitment extends beyond placement, with ongoing support to ensure a successful partnership and quick resolution of any issues.

Facilitating Permanent Opportunities

When contract roles show potential for permanency, we manage the negotiation process to ensure a smooth and agreeable transition for both parties.

Long-Term Onboarding Assistance

We provide comprehensive support for the onboarding of permanent hires, ensuring they are well-positioned to contribute to your company’s long-term success.

Continued Success Tracking

Our job doesn’t end at placement. We stay engaged with follow-up support to foster a strong, ongoing relationship and ensure continued success.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our service with a satisfaction guarantee, affirming our commitment to meeting your staffing needs with the highest standards of excellence.

Grow Your Team with Evinex Contract-to-Hire

Discover the ideal blend of flexibility and commitment with our Contract-to-Hire services. Evinex provides a strategic stepping stone to enrich your workforce with top IT talent poised for long-term success. Embrace the opportunity to assess fit before making a permanent decision, ensuring each hire is a valuable addition to your team. Are you prepared to enhance your staffing strategy? Connect with us today.

Evinex: a Proud 2023 Inc. 5000 Honoree

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& Inc. Regionals Pacific 2024 Rank No. 59!

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Navigating the complexities of the modern job market requires a partner who goes beyond the conventional. Evinex stands ready to propel your staffing approach forward. Our dedicated experts are focused on transforming your hiring hurdles into opportunities for expansion, enabling you to cultivate a workforce that exceeds your aspirations.

Whether you’re leveraging the adaptability of our Contract services, the foresight provided by Contract to Hire, or the direct approach of Direct Hire, Evinex brings a wealth of specialized knowledge and resources to fulfill your unique ambitions. Eager to surpass your benchmarks? Let’s embark on this journey together.


Finding the right talent in the tech world is like finding a needle in a haystack. Evinex made it seem easy. They understood our needs and provided us with candidates who were not just technically sound but also a great cultural fit. Highly recommend!


In the healthcare sector, every hire matters. Evinex has been instrumental in helping us find professionals who are not only qualified but also passionate about making a difference. Their service is unparalleled.


We’ve been working with Evinex for over a year now, and they’ve consistently delivered top-notch candidates for our various roles. Their understanding of the e-commerce landscape is truly impressive.


Evinex understands the critical importance of security and accuracy in our field. They’ve supplied us with not only skilled but also highly dependable candidates, enhancing our hiring process.


Finding creative talent that understands the fast-paced nature of the media industry is tough. Evinex connected us with professionals who fit seamlessly into our culture and contributed to our projects from day one.


In the finance sector, we need professionals who are not just skilled but also trustworthy. Evinex understood our needs perfectly and provided us with candidates who are making a real impact. Their expertise in staffing for IT roles in the finance industry is second to none.


In Renewable Energy, innovation is key. Evinex provided us with candidates who not only have the technical skills but also the vision to help us move forward. They’ve become an invaluable partner in our talent acquisition strategy.

Renewable Energies

We were struggling to find the right talent for our retail operations. Evinex came to the rescue with candidates who not only had the skills but also understood our brand and customer focus. They’ve been a game-changer for us.


Strategic Staffing Partnerships

When it’s time to expand your team with precision and foresight, Evinex is here to guide you. We’re not just filling positions; we’re crafting your future success. Let’s collaborate to build your ideal workforce!


At Evinex, we recognize that each industry has its rhythm and requirements. That’s why our Contract to Hire services are customized to align with the specific tempo and talent demands of your sector. We’re here to ensure that your staffing strategy resonates with your industry’s pulse.

Navigating the nuances of various industries requires a staffing partner with a deep understanding and a broad perspective. Evinex stands out with its tailored approach to Contract to Hire staffing, ensuring that you have access to professionals who are not just qualified but are the right fit for your industry’s future. Ready to partner with a team that’s as industry-savvy as you are? Evinex is ready to deliver.

Technology and Software

Harness the potential of Contract to Hire for your tech ventures with Evinex. We bridge the gap between temporary needs and permanent tech positions, offering a trial phase through contract work. This approach ensures a perfect fit for both parties before making a long-term commitment. Engage with us for a strategic staffing partnership that propels your technological innovation.

Healthcare and Biotechnology

Evinex’s Contract to Hire service in Healthcare and Biotechnology provides the flexibility to assess talent in real-world scenarios. We specialize in matching your immediate project needs with professionals poised for permanent roles, ensuring they align with your long-term vision. Partner with us to strengthen your healthcare team with the right expertise for a seamless transition from temporary to permanent staffing.

Finance and FinTech

Navigate the Finance and FinTech talent landscape with Evinex’s Contract to Hire solutions. Our approach offers a strategic period of evaluation, ensuring candidates meet the exacting standards of your financial projects before full-time engagement. Trust in our ability to connect you with professionals who are ready to evolve with your company’s financial technology needs.


Evinex’s Contract to Hire service for E-commerce allows for an adaptive workforce aligned with your business cycles. We provide talent that can immediately impact your online presence with the option to transition to permanent roles, ensuring continuity and expertise in your digital commerce projects. Let us help you build a resilient and responsive e-commerce team.

Green Technology and Renewable Energy

In Green Technology and Renewable Energy, Evinex’s Contract to Hire service offers a sustainable staffing solution. We provide talent that can grow with your company, ensuring that the professionals you evaluate on a contract basis are the innovators who will drive your long-term environmental goals. Collaborate with us to find the visionaries for your green projects.

Entertainment and Media

For the Entertainment and Media sectors, Evinex’s Contract to Hire service is the gateway to finding lasting talent. We provide professionals on a trial basis, ensuring they have the creative and technical prowess to excel in permanent roles. Engage with us to find the right blend of talent for your media projects, with the flexibility to commit when ready.

Gaming and Esports

Evinex’s Contract to Hire service for Gaming and Esports offers a level-up for your staffing needs. We provide talent that can immediately engage with your creative projects, with the foresight for permanent roles. This service ensures that the professionals you choose are as passionate about gaming as they are about contributing to your company’s success.

Education and EdTech

With Evinex’s Contract to Hire service, Education and EdTech institutions can find the educators and innovators of tomorrow. We offer the opportunity to assess talent in a contract role, ensuring they can meet the evolving demands of educational technology before transitioning to a permanent position. Partner with us to shape the future of education with the right talent today.


Haven’t spotted your sector? No problem. Evinex’s Contract to Hire service is designed to be adaptable, serving a multitude of industries with precision and care. We’re dedicated to finding the right talent for any field, ensuring they align with your specific project and company culture. Interested in discovering how our staffing solutions can fit your unique needs? Get in touch with us today.