How to Improve Social CRM That Leads Customer Loyalty

Evinex Blog How to Improve Social CRM That Leads Customer Loyalty

Marketing is a process of creating customer value and building strong customer relationships. In order to achieve marketing goals, marketers do research, design a customer-driven strategy, construct an integrated marketing program and create customer delights. Among of the marketing strategies, customer relationship management (CRM) would be a significant point to be focused.

CRM manages detailed information about individual customers and the touch points. With continual customer relationships, CRM enhances not only sales and profits but also corporate value. By targeting each customer segment on the basis of the concept of customer LTV, it makes possible to increase customer satisfaction and achieve the acquisition and the retention for key customers.

With the spread of social media, you can easily contact with customers and develop relationships. Try these tips below to improve your social CRM!

How to Improve Social CRM

  1. Collect and Analyze Customer Data

    Marketers need true customer insights to create customer value and customer relationship. To know customer insights is going to be very useful for making a counter plan, because customer insights help you to develop competitive advantages. Social media allows you to connect with people more deeply and interactively and identify the customer needs. Therefore, you must take time to understand the true customer data on social media, analyze how it develops your CRM and apply to it!

  2. Rank Customers and Provide the Appropriate Privilege

    It is very important to show which rank customers you are and give rewards to each customers, depending on how long they have relationships with you or how much they purchase from you in a certain period. Instead of treating all of customers equally, focus on building long-term relationships with loyal customers. These CRM program keeps customers satisfied and increase the expectations and the trust from customers.

  3. Conduct on One to One Marketing via Social Conversation

    One-to-one marketing is a technique that aims to build a strong relationship with individual customers and keep them over the long term. You must stay in communications to respond to customers timely and deal with both satisfied customers and unhappy customers. With social CRM, you are able to take customized approaches. Before starting social conversations, you should know the latest activities with the individual customer to have better chats.

  4. Develop Product/Service to Meet the Needs of Target Customers

    This is the hardest part on social CRM. It would be easier to provide products and services that meets the target customers’ needs if you get customer data from social CRM. Or you can also develop a CRM program that leads customer loyalty. For example, you can build an application to communicate better and increase their lifetime value.

  5. Monitor if Your CRM Works Properly

    This is the most important part since everyone has their own way of success. Make sure if your CRM strategy is working as you planned. Even if it doesn’t work properly, you just need to correct the course of your CRM strategy.

Social CRM creates good feeling in the minds of customers and increase customer satisfaction. And that will induce them to purchase and develop the corporate images by communicating with customers on social media.

Do you have strategies for social CRM? If so, share with us in the comments below!

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