5 Reliable SEO Tactics for Small Business

Evinex Blog Reliable SEO Tactics for Small Business

SEO is an online promotional technique to get your website at a higher position in the search engine results page. Although it requires knowledge and skills about how SEO works, it is possible to drive traffic and develop a user friendly website. If you’re not familiar with SEO, check out “The ABC of SEO and How to Rank Better in SERP” in order to understand the basics.

For small business, appearing in search engines and getting people to easily find your website are necessary conditions because these days most people consume information online and use search engines to find what they need and what they like to read. It is critical to market where your customers and prospects are and gain the most effective position in the targeted search results to grow your business.

Here are the benefits you can get from SEO.


The Benefits of SEO – How SEO Works

  • Increase brand awareness and credibility
  • Increase traffic to a website
  • Gain new customers
  • Enhance the usability of a website
  • Better customer conversion


When it is done right, SEO works for you 24/7/365. There are several SEO tactics you can follow to improve your website performance and search rankings.

This post gives you 5 reliable SEO tactics for small business to get started.


SEO Tactics for Small Business

  1. Keyword Research

    Keyword research is the first SEO tactic to entice targeted users to access your contents through search engines. It is important to list the search volume of your keyword and the associate keywords and find long tail keyword phrases for driving your targeted people into your website. Also, you should determine unused search keywords to avoid them.

  2. Website Optimization

    After keyword research, you need to optimize your web pages to lead to SEO success. In addition to understanding the rules and algorithms of each search engine, you need to add necessary information to the pages such as page title, permalink (URL), meta description and alt text for images at least. This SEO tactic allows search engines to understand contents and index your website and web pages.

  3. Link Building

    Link building affects search engine ranking by having internal and external links. However, Google clarified that bad links which are not relevant to your business, like paid links and exchange links for just increasing SEO results, have negative results on the ranking. We suggest you to create internal links through content marketing and social media marketing. Also, it is necessary to clean up the bad links if you already have them.

  4. Content Marketing

    Content marketing gains credibility for your website with keyword-rich contents and it greatly improves overall SEO efforts. Even if the algorithms of search engines change, valuable contents will work well in search engines. Get started with a blog and develop a content marketing strategy to publish contents on a regular basis. Frequent contents keep your website fresh and get better evaluations from search engines.

  5. Social Media

    Social media has a great impact on web traffic and search engine rankings. Since posts on social media create natural backlinks to your website and facilitates social shares, it makes it easy to build your influence in communities and get your web pages to rank better in search engines. Keep in mind  that you should measure your social media performance for better SEO results.


SEO is a long-term promotional strategy, but the benefits are critical to the online success of any business nowadays. These SEO tactics help small business to rank higher in the search engine results page and grow their business, so make sure you include them in your marketing strategy.


How’s your SEO performance?

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