How to Customize The Text of Twitter Share Button

What is a Twitter Share Button, and why is it important?

Most social networks and, especially, Twitter are an essential piece in every marketing strategy. Optimizing your Twitter marketing strategy is crucial if you want to reach your online goals like social reach, website traffic, or brand presence.

Most companies set up Twitter buttons on their websites or blogs to maximize their content reach on social media. Social Share Buttons and Social Follow Buttons are a great addition to any Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Twitter Follow button allows users to follow the company (or personal) account, showing your tweets and shares on their timelines, enhancing your reach automatically. It would be an entrance for them to connect with you and get information from you. Follow Buttons are a great way to automate your audience and follower growth.

On the other hand, the Twitter Share Button makes it easier for users to share content with friends, and it helps to spread your posts to the world. Don’t forget, Social Media is crucial nowadays.

Custom Twitter Share Buttons have a high impact on your business success, allowing you to gain awareness, spread content like photos and videos, and drive traffic to your website. To take advantage of this handy tool, you must add something to catch the user’s attention, not merely setting up the standard Twitter Share Buttons. Customization will help you increase engagement with users. Spend some time in your social networks, and you will get results. Social Media Marketing is all about consistency and patience.

How does a Twitter Share Button work?

Typically, when you click a Twitter Share Button, a small window opens with the web page’s information ready to be Tweeted. There, you can set up a custom URL and add more text if needed. You can tag someone and even add hashtags. The same way if you were composing a new tweet on Twitter but without leaving the page.

So, you can share a small text with a content title and the URL. It is also advisable to customize the text for better performance. You might want to add your Twitter handle (@username) to promote yourself and interact with your target who shares your content. Also, you can include a hashtag to grab your target customer’s attention if you like.

The Twitter Share Button is one of the most used social buttons because it lets your audience quickly share the content they’re reading on your page with all their followers. It’s a great way to attract more social traffic to your site while growing your Twitter Followers if done right.

How to make a Twitter share button?

There are two different ways to create and customize a Twitter Share Button. We are talking about Twitter Publish and Custom Anchor Element.

Twitter Publish

Twitter Publish is a simple tool that allows you to create any Twitter Button for your site. It is a form-based and step-guided tool to generate all necessary code to add your Twitter Button to any website.

Just go to and follow the steps or read our explanation below.

How to add a custom Twitter Button to your website using Twitter Publish?

twitter publish landing page showing the first step on the guided form
Source: Twitter Publish
  1. Visit Twitter Publish.
  2. Select what you want to share or scroll down a little bit to see all the options available (recommended).
  3. Select Twitter Buttons in the second step.
  4. You will find several options there; let’s go for the simple “Share Button.”
  5. That’s it! Copy the provided code and paste it wherever you want to add the Tweet Button on your website.
  6. (Optional) Click on “Set customization options” to see all advanced options:
    • You can prefill the Tweet Text.
    • Set another URL (you shouldn’t need to change this one).
    • Include your Twitter user (recommended).
    • Add any hashtags you may want to share.
    • Include any other Twitter users.
    • Toggle between standard and large button.
    • Set the language.
    • Once you are ready, click on “Update,” and you will have the new code ready to paste into your HTML code.

twitter publish end of form showing the code ready to be pasted on desired website
Source: Twitter Publish

Pro tip:

Hashtags are essential in today’s social media digital marketing. They are mighty if used correctly. Don’t hesitate to include some related hashtags to your prefilled Tweet Text. You can take a look at our Hashtag Analytics Tools blog post, where you will find a complete and updated list of the most relevant Hashtag Analytics Tools.

Custom Twitter Anchor Element with Custom Text

Don’t be scared of getting your hands dirty. Following these steps you will be able to create your custom Tweet Button copying and pasting a little bit of HTML code.

I will guide you through the whole process.

How to add a custom Twitter Button to your website writting your own code?

promoting on social media
  1. The first thing you need to do is to create your anchor element. You will need to add the ‘twitter-share-button’ class and set the href parameter like the following. Here you can customize the Twitter Button Text (Tweet this!) and type your own:
    <a href="">Tweet this!</a>
  2. You can use the Tweet Web Intent query parameters to prepopulate the Tweet Text as in the example below:
    <a class="twitter-share-button" href="">Tweet this!</a>
  3. Then you may use the data-parameters to customize and set the Tweet Button Parameters. Let’s make the button bigger:
    <a class="twitter-share-button" href="" data-size="large">Tweet this!</a>
  4. Remember that you will need to load the Twitter for Websites JavaScript. In order to do that just use the following .js snippet:
    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Now I would like to hear from you!

That’s all for my Custom Twitter Share Button Guide.

I hope this guide showed you how to create your own custom Twitter share button.

Do you use Twitter Share Buttons on your website? How about other social networks, social media tools and strategies? What else do you find useful in your Social Media Marketing?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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