How to Adopt Gamification to Improve Employee Engagement

Evinex Blog How To Adopt Gamification to Improve Employee Engagement

Gamification is the concept that adopts the know-how of games to other fields. Games make people addicted by many factors like the visualization of achievement and rewards for achievement. By bringing in these game factors to your company, you can create pleasure and motivations to your employees.

When people realize that their efforts are linked to business success, they may want to work harder. But when they think their efforts are under evaluated they lose the motivation. Gamification has the power to let them gain confidence and feel their own improvements. To have better work environment and get employees satisfied with their works, you should consider taking in gamification for employee.

It is a little hard to think about the combination of business and gamification. However, it is possible to apply these basic four elements of gamification for employee. For example, you can start giving immediate feedback to your employee.

Here’re 4 gamification elements that can apply to business.


How to Apply Gamification for Employees

  1. Simple Rule

    When your employees are just following processes and doing what the boss asked, it will be no problem. They know what to do by asking boss. But to make them work spontaneously, you must review not only the mission and financial forecasts but also the detailed strategy maps for each projects. By knowing the maps and the goals, it is possible to draw people as management side wants.

  2. Rewards

    Except non-paid interns, usually employees get salary and bonus as rewards. But this “rewards” doesn’t always need to be monetary. You can also evaluate how they face their works by in-house awards or promotions.

  3. Progress/Ranking Bar

    Normally you track the profits and sales, but the numbers are just the results of the whole business activities. As for the individual progress, it is difficult to measure. You need to clarify your management fundamentals and understand the gaps between the fundamentals and the performance. Seeing what you have to do and how much you progress to the completion, will generate problem consciousness in their mind.

  4. Immediate Feedback

    Companies give feedback to employees at most monthly or quarterly, but they can’t say immediate feedback. For immediate feedback, it is necessary to monitor whether the financial health and the employee’s work are doing good on a daily basis. For that you must link the monitoring system to the production/sales system. Immediate feedback promotes employees growth and makes it easier for the correction of their moves.


Gamification for employee has the effects of employee’s growth and improving your business performance. The factors of simple rule and rewards are easier to carry out, but the others are hard to conduct.

What is important is to make a mechanism that visualizes all strategies and activities, and share the information within the company. And once you build a work environment that adopts these gamification elements, it will motivate employees and lead to your company growth.


What do you think about gamification? Do you want to apply for your employee engagement?

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