How to Add Image Information to Image Sitemap

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Visual content works very well to transmit information and enable high level communication. As a result, nowadays many people create creative content with attractive images and perform SEO to get a higher ranking on SERP. Also, it has become a high competition to attract people with these visual contents. However, most of them forget about one thing – image optimization. For example, you can add information to image sitemap or give directions to Google with alt texts.


Image Optimization with Image Sitemap for SEO

Image sitemap is one of the many smart ways to raise your image search results and boost traffic to your website. It is designed to show search engines about the structure of a website. This image sitemap is very similar to a normal sitemap, but it’s literally used for images. It allows you to add captions, geo locations, titles, and licenses. In addition, it helps improve your SEO efforts. By providing image information, it is possible to tell what content is important on the site. This way, search engine crawlers can discover them and evaluate your website better.

To provide your image information to search engines, you have two options. One is to create an image sitemap with third party tools, and the other is to update your existing sitemap with specific texts for an image sitemap.

This post gives you how to add the following information to your sitemap like the below.


How to Update Sitemap by Adding Image Information

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”″

The green texts are newly added to an existing sitemap. And the blue texts are the information added with specific image tags.

The followings are the image tags for image sitemap. The optional tags are not necessary, so use them as needed.


Image Tags

  • Image: <image:image>
  • Location: <image:loc>
  • Caption: <image:caption> – optional
  • Geolocation: <image:geo_location> – optional
  • Title: <image:title> – optional
  • Licence<image:license> -optional


In conclusion, image sitemap gives image information to search engines. Also it supports SEO performance for your content creation. If you’re going to code by yourself, use the image tags above and provide the information you want to rank to search engines.

At last, be sure to submit the image sitemap when you complete this process in Google Webmaster Tools, and your images will be indexed in 5 days.


Do you use an image sitemap for your image optimization?

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