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Google Trends is a free Google service that analyzes the world’s keyword trends. It compares keywords by search volume and users based on Google search results. By entering specific keywords, the search volumes are displayed with line graphs in chronological order. Also, you can understand the background and circumstance of the keywords by the headline of Google news which is shown in conjunction with the graph.

It is a convenient and useful tool, not only SEO use but also for knowing keyword trends. Here we pointed out three ways of using Google Trends on your keyword analysis. Find out how Google Trends works for your marketing and improve your SEO.


How Google Trends Works

  1. Compare Keywords

    With Google Trends, it is possible to investigate popular keywords up to five words and see the transition of the demand. By selecting country, period, category, and web search (web, image, news, shopping, etc.), you can see more detailed tendencies of the words.

    The results can be used as a basis to set keywords for your content in your marketing operation and SEO. Especially, when you are planning for SEO, and multiple keywords go up as a candidate for a particular theme, Google Trends can help you to select which words to use. Besides, it displays the related searches on the result page so that you can know the related popular search words.

    The comparisons below shows the interest results of 4 different keywords; internet marketing, web marketing, online marketing, and digital marketing. One is the insight in the United States, and the other one is for the rest of the world. As you can see, “Online Marketing” are more searched words in those similar terms and “Web Marketing” is less used and fading in the past years. Thus, you can compare similar words to select your target keywords with Google Trends and improve your SEO.

    Google Trends Keywords Comparison in the World   Google Trends Keywords Comparison in the USA

  2. Content Marketing Planning

    Google Trends shows the period when people start searching for a specified term and the peak time that repeatedly happens, like national holidays. Look at the picture below. This is the result of comparing three holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. According to the results, you can see the interest for Christmas starts increasing from 5 months before. The search volume for Halloween and Thanksgivings begins about two months ago.

    If you are planning to have new seasonal campaigns, you can use Google Trends and make a plan with enough time in advance.

    Google Trends for Content Marketing Planning

  3. Future Keyword Trend Forecast

    It is possible to predict the future keyword trend by looking at the tendency. The result tells you whether you should expand a certain service as a future business. For things that are in a competitive relationship, it is possible to guess their whereabouts of next competition in addition to the difference of the interest volumes.

    For example, this is the search volume comparison of laptop, mobile, and tablet. From this graph, you can predict that the demands of mobile and tablet are continually growing and tablet will get higher demand than a laptop in the next few years.

    Google Trends for Keyword Trend Forecast


In conclusion, Google Trends is a useful service for keyword selection. You can see what is popular on the internet today and the keywords which are likely to grow soon from the keyword trend analysis. By knowing the trend of target keywords, you can find the appropriate keywords for your SEO and advertising. Furthermore, it will assist you in product development and industry analysis as well.


What keyword research tool do you use? Share with us in the comments below!

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