Illustration representing a person painting and choosing color schemes

Color Schemes: How to Choose Your Aesthetic Color Palette [2021]

Many people fail to apply the right colors to their website, brand logo, and other online and offline brand elements. Consequently, they are less appealing to people. It can even cause user-friendly issues like being unclear or provoking mixed-feelings.

Don’t panic! In this guide, I’ll explain from the most basic to the most advanced color scheme techniques. Once you finish reading it, you’ll be such a color scheme expert. So, you would be able to apply my proven tactics and succeed in choosing your color schemes.


Digital Advertising: How to Maximize Your Digital Ads [2020]

Nowadays, it’s critical you become familiar with the latest digital advertising trends and strategies, or else you would be left behind.

Don’t worry, in this guide, I’ll deal with digital advertising essentials as well as advanced techniques. Once you’ve finished reading it, you would be such a digital advertising expert. Thus, you would be able to apply some of my proven tactics and succeed!

If you don’t want to be beaten by your competitors, you can’t miss out the chance to be up-to-date as regards digital advertising.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: How to Engage Your Customers [2020]

I’ll examine from the basic aspects to the most complicated and advanced features you need to know about mobile marketing.

Thus, once you finish reading this guide, you will be able to apply my proven tactics and succeed in mobile marketing.

So, if you are wondering how to beat your competitors and make the most out of your mobile marketing strategy, you are in the right place.

Public Relations

Public Relations: How to Do PR for Your Business [2020]

This guide has everything you need to know about Public Relations.

I’ll cover from the basics to the most advanced techniques and all the aspects you need to know about Public Relations. After reading this guide, you will be able to apply my proven tactics to succeed in your PR strategy in 2020.

Thus, if you are wondering how you can stand out from your competitors and get the most out of your PR strategy you are in the right place!

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics: How to Master Instagram Insights [2020]

Many people fail to get the most out of valuable insights and struggle to improve engagement rates.

However, Instagram analytics helps you to learn what kind of contents drive engagements, when users are interacting with your content, and much more!

I’ll show you how to use Instagram insights and what metrics to focus on depending on your marketing goals.

Also, I’m going to share actionable Instagram marketing tactics for brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, and community management.

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing: How to Grow Your Business [2020]

This complete guide has everything you need to know about B2B marketing, or Business Marketing.

I’ll cover the basics of B2B marketing and the critical B2B marketing strategies in 2020. You’re going to see my proven tactics that you can use right after reading this post. Then, you can start generating business growth and increase your sales right away!

If you’re wondering how you can dominate in B2B marketing, you’re the right place!

Colorful illustration showing different digital elements of promotion

Promotion Strategy: How to Promote Your Business [2020]

No wonder that promotion strategy is one of the most important processes in marketing.

In fact, it supports your marketing voices to reach your target audience, creates interest, and helps you to engage with them. If you want more traffic and conversion, then developing promotion strategies is critical.

Here’s the deal:

You’re going to find out how to promote your business and how to build a promotion strategy with actionable promotional tactics. Then, you will get a better understanding of content promotion, digital advertising, mobile marketing, and public relations.


Marketing Calendar: The Definitive Guide & Templates [2020]

This is the ultimate guide for your marketing calendar in 2020.

If you don’t have a marketing calendar, I’ll show you how to choose the right calendar for you and how to create one.

If you already have one, then I’ll share techniques on how to manage your calendar to win the engagement battle in 2020.

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