Jose Gomez

The Technical side of Digital Marketing @ Evinex. Jose is passionate about technology, search engine optimization, and web development. He loves reading, music, and programming. Jose's role in the company is to lead the technical team and keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

color schemes

Color Schemes: How to Choose Your Aesthetic Color Palette [2021]

Many people fail to apply the right colors to their website, brand logo, and other online and offline brand elements. Consequently, they are less appealing to people. It can even cause user-friendly issues like being unclear or provoking mixed-feelings.

Don’t panic! In this guide, I’ll explain from the most basic to the most advanced color scheme techniques. Once you finish reading it, you’ll be such a color scheme expert. So, you would be able to apply my proven tactics and succeed in choosing your color schemes.

digital advertising

Digital Advertising: How to Maximize Your Digital Ads [2021]

Nowadays, it’s critical you become familiar with the latest digital advertising trends and strategies, or else you would be left behind.

Don’t worry, in this guide, I’ll deal with digital advertising essentials as well as advanced techniques. Once you’ve finished reading it, you would be such a digital advertising expert. Thus, you would be able to apply some of my proven tactics and succeed!

If you don’t want to be beaten by your competitors, you can’t miss out the chance to be up-to-date as regards digital advertising.

website usability

Website Usability: 155 Tactics to Improve UX in 2020

Website usability is one of the most critical elements for your online business. It makes it clear for your audience to find what they’re looking for on your website.

If your website is easy-to-use, people can complete tasks without leaving your site. That should be your ideal website.

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