5 Fatal Mistakes of Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a marketing strategy which take actions to attract customers for future profits by providing the appropriate contents for each stage of targets. It helps you to convert prospects into customers and turn the new customers to repeat customers. However, it’s said that the people who are satisfied with the effect of content marketing is less than half. There is always a possibility that you’re making the mistakes of content marketing without noticing too. If you continue to make mistakes, the chance to get results would keep away.

Here are the 5 fatal mistakes of content marketing to avoid.


5 Fatal Mistakes of Content Marketing

  1. Not Defining Your Target Customers

    Everyone wants different contents depending on the preferences and the problems and I believe that the contents can’t capture the needs of everyone. Therefore, you need to define who can be interested in your business eventually. It means that you need to determine what kind of customers to provide your contents to provide contents that meet their specific needs.

    Content marketing allows you to tie your business and the targets who have the potential to purchase from you. Identifying your targets actually helps you to create the right contents for them. To choose the right content topic for each target, the first thing you have to do is reviewing who you offer information.

  2. Writing Contents for Only Your Business

    Let’s focus on delivering your messages which are for the appropriate targets at the right time with the right channels and building a relationship with them, in order to attract customers with contents. Content marketing provides high-quality contents to gain customers and consequently increase lead generation and sales. Create valuable contents for customers, not what you want to sell.

    What customers require in contents is the information to solve complaints and problems and help them determine the appropriate services. You should understand the fact that the more you talk about yourself in contents not what customers want to know, the narrower the reach of the contents will be unfortunately. So if you provide contents talking about your superiority, reconsider your contents!

  3. Updating Your Webpage Infrequently

    How often do you update your contents? Frequent content update giving visitors reasons to come back. Imagine if you found a website that you like but the website doesn’t update on a regular basis. What are you going to do? Maybe at the earlier time you would go back to see if you get new information, but you won’t keep visiting the places where there’s no change. It also can build trust and develop relationships with visitors effectively.

    Besides, updating contents regularly helps you to keep the quantity of your contents and improve your website performance and SEO. To keep the quality and the quantity of your contents, plan your content marketing using content calendar. About how to create a content calendar, you can check in “4 Steps to Create A Content Calendar“. Don’t mistake the frequency of content updates, that must be what you can handle.

  4. Not Setting CTA at the Right Place

    For the content marketing success, you must design the mechanisms to get people read, share and spread your contents using CTA. It leads you to take actions as you planned such as understanding you and your business better and signing up to your upcoming events.

    By integrating your contents with the appropriate CTAs, it is possible to exhibit its ability to drive conversions. The principal cause why your content marketing doesn’t assist your business is the lack of CTA and the positioning. Make sure to set them up at the proper placements and make them easy to be found by customers, or you might lose tons of business opportunities. If you need to develop your CTAs on your website, start working on the pages where you have the most traffic.

  5. Judging on the Basis of Social KPI

    Due to the popularity and the importance of social media on business, many companies monitor and analyze their activities and consider the data as the results of their efforts. Of course, the interactions of social media users with you are one of the meaningful feedbacks, but it is true that the value of social KPI is lower than the real customer voice and the data analysis of your traffic. Social KPI doesn’t prove that the people who interact with you are truly consuming your contents.

    What you have to measure the most is the real effect, the effect measurements from the quality and the quantity point of view. For example, the traffic flow, the conversion and bounce rate, user reviews and etc. Keep in mind that tracking what really matters to your content marketing brings the success.


In conclusion, content marketing can increase your brand awareness and nurture stronger relationships by well-written and targeted contents. Knowing the common mistakes of content marketing will help you to break through the current issues.


Do you have other ideas for content marketing mistakes that marketers should be careful?

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