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Social Media Contest: 10 steps to Run Successfully in 2019

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Want to boost your brand awareness on social media?

Social media contest is one of the most cost-effective and perfect ways to get your desired results fast. It increases your exposure efficiently and grows your business fan base.

However, there are some mistakes that anyone can make. For example, you’re not following platform rules for a social media contest.

To successfully run a social media contest, I’m going to show you how to build it step-by-step.

Let’s get started!

How to Run A Social Media Contest Successfully

  1. Set Clear Goals

    By setting your goals, you can correct the course in each phase and lead to success. Clarify what you want to get from the contest so that you can target the audience and platforms effectively. Don’t forget to focus on customers and customer experience.

  2. Choose A Social Media Contest Type & The Best Social Media Platforms

    There are many types of social media contests, such as voting contest and photo contest. If you want to grow your email lists, sweepstakes would be the best option.

    As there are different rules for each social network, you should think of your contest type considering what you can do in each platform.

  3. Design A Social Media Contest Strategy

    You must create a strategic plan to reach your goals and convert your audience into customers. Determine how long you will run your contest, who can be target entrants, what you need, when each phase will start, etc.

    These next 3 conditions will be especially important:

    • How to Enter Your Social Media Contests

      You can require some conditions to entrants before joining your social media contest. For example, you can create a form to fill out, ask them to subscribe to your email lists or encourage them to use your branded hashtag.

      Remember that people won’t join the contest if the entry form is too long and complicated, so keep it easy!

    • How to Choose Winners

      The winner would be selected by you or the voting system. If you can get enough entrants to enjoy a social media contest, picking the winner with contest software is a good option. It would be taken as a fair way for everyone.

    • How to Deal with Rule Breakers

      Define how many times users have chances to enter and what actions could be considered as cheating. Especially if you have a big prize, keep in mind that there might be multiple voters who enter with different accounts but from the same person.

      Consider what you require to enter carefully and describe clearly how to deal with rule breakers in the landing page such as removing the entry when it turns out.

  4. Select Prizes that Your Targets Want

    This is a very important part. If you offer a small prize, why would people enter a social media contest? Make sure that the prize is what people want from you.

    The more people want to win the prize, the more you are able to grab their attention and entrants. It’s not necessary to buy a product from a shop. You can give something related to your business, like your products or a trial of your services.

  5. Build the Social Media Contest Landing Page

    To boost the exposure, your landing page should be easy. Be sure that your social media contest works on mobile and tablet devices properly. If you miss the mobile users, your contest won’t come alive.

    You must build an attractive landing page that makes people interested in your contest. For example, set up a social proof widget, put a countdown clock, and share user-generated contents.

  6. Promote Your Social Media Contest

    When you are ready to go live, tell people how to join and get prizes with all your channels. Depends on your budget, you can use emails, blog, social media, and paid advertisements.

  7. Encourage People to Interact within Your Community

    To make your social media contest more exciting and engaging, you should build your community. Make sure to be active and respond to users and encourage them to interact with each other.

    Also, you can share relevant contents to engage with people, such as giving tips for creating a winning content and providing some examples if you require contents to enter. Giving ideas helps people get even more creative when entering your contest.

  8. Measure Results

    It is critical to monitor how your performance works and track engagements in real-time. To achieve goals and have better results, you cannot skip this step.

    Select the best monitoring tool for your contest and analyze the results. From the analysis, you may get better directions to succeed for future contests.

  9. Publish Winners

    You should announce winners on all marketing channels you used for promotion. Some people follow you to just enter your social media contest and then will unfollow when it finishes. To avoid this, you have to give reasons to stay with you, like giving discount coupons or a free trial of your new services.

  10. Send A Follow Up Email or Message

    Publishing the winners of a social media contest should not be the end. Follow up with the participants. Like send a thank-you email for joining the contest and start sending newsletters.

I would like to hear from you!

Social media contest is vital to build your brand awareness, engage with users in a fun way and develop a community around your brand.

Now I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Have you ever run a social media contest?

What did you learn from your experience?

Share with us in the comments!

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