Hashtag Analytics Tools: The Complete 40 List [2023 Update]

This is the most complete list of hashtag analytics tools on the web in 2023.

Here’s the deal:

Many people miss the opportunity to spread their content because they don’t use the right hashtags or don’t post at optimal times.

These huge mistakes can make you waste your time, money, and your marketing unnecessarily.

Here are 40 hashtag tools that I’ve personally reviewed. So, I can assure you they’ll undoubtedly help you choose the correct hashtags and times to increase your reach.

Let’s dive right in!


Increase your success thanks to hashtag marketing.

Hashtagify is an amazing tool that you can use to speed up your business growth, brand awareness, and marketing performance by making smart use of hashtag marketing.

This Twitter and Instagram tracking tool enables you to identify the best hashtags to influence your audience. What is more, apart from giving you custom suggestions, it also helps you to have a better knowledge of your influencers and competitors.

Using this fantastic tool, you can examine real-time data and get insights about any of your hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, such as popularity ranking, related hashtags, trends….

Besides, if you want to get a complete analysis of any hashtag or user, you should use Hashtagify. You’ll definitely find out cool hashtags with this tool.

Also, you can use it to monitor your competitors and bring relevant influencers on board.

The sooner you start using this tool, the sooner you’ll be able to strengthen your message. You’ll do it thanks to custom suggestions based on your own profile.

By using Hashtagify, you will get all the information you need in just one place. You can download dashboards, charts based on your hashtags and use them to improve your performance.

search hashtag - hashtagify
Search Hashtag – Hashtagify


  • Get the right hashtags through customs suggestions.
  • Obtain insights to plan in advance.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Find out the most popular hashtags by language.
  • Discover the top influencers to approach.
  • Hashtagify Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $19 ~ per month.

TweetReach by Union Metrics

Get quick comprehensive analytics on social posts and profiles.

TweetReach is a powerful hashtag tool designed for any social media marketers. What is more, if you do a lot of hashtag research, it can save you a lot of time and energy.

What this awesome tool does is to give you insightful real-time reports about your hashtags. It also provides you information about the posts and profiles that use your hashtags.

Besides, their free snapshot report with charts will help you to check the performance and engagement around your hashtags, such as hashtag popularity and influencers.

So, thanks to this tool you can improve your social marketing strategy by targeting the people that really talk about your hashtag.

Even though their free snapshot report may not cover all your needs to understand your hashtag reach, there is no doubt that TweetReach Pro is one of the best overall hashtag analytics tools on the market.

Were you to use TweetReach Pro, you would be able to see how to track hashtags across social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Besides, you would be able to export multiple in-depth reports.

Thus, this tool is fantastic to check when to post and you could use this data to maximize the reach of your hashtags.

tweetreach snapshot - tweetreach
TweetReach Snapshot – TweetReach


  • Analyze your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram business profiles.
  • Analyze competitive Twitter profiles.
  • Benchmark with Facebook competitors.
  • Monitor Twitter topics.
  • Detailed content analysis.
  • Fans and followers analysis.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Hashtag and URL analysis.
  • Summary data exports.
  • TweetReach Official Website


  • Freemium.

Sprout Social

Find, form and expand real connections that matter to your brand.

Whatever it is the size of your organization or the scale of your social efforts, with this outstanding tool, you will be able to deliver and measure valuable content, foster advocacy, nurture relationships, mine social data and activate social listening.

They will definitely provide you with the backing and partnership you need to please your customers, reach your objectives and transform your business.

They not only give onboarding assistance and strategic advice but they also enable you to visualize your progress effortlessly so you will easily get to the next level.

They offer you different plans with different features based on your business needs.

twitter profiles page on sprout social
Twitter Profiles – Sprout Social


  • Publish, schedule, draft, and queue posts.
  • Managing social content calendar.
  • Profiles, keywords, and location monitoring.
  • Handling social CRM.
  • Group, profile and post-level reporting.
  • Integration with paid promotion tools and the reports.
  • Competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Incoming and outgoing message content tagging.
  • Scheduling for optimal send times.
  • Response rate and time analysis reports.
  • Trend analysis for Twitter keywords and hashtags.
  • Alert settings for high-volume messages.
  • Chatbots and replies (Saved and suggested).
  • Tracking Custom URL.
  • Conducting Twitter Surveys.
  • Sprout Social Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 149 ~ per user/month.


Detailed online monitoring of Twitter, Instagram, news, blogs & forums.

This fascinating tool will help you to easily understand how your audience engages with your brand, campaigns, and influencers across social media and the web.

Keyhole will save your team lots of time due to the fact that it aggregates metrics, monitors and analyzes your campaigns, and builds reports for you. It also uses AI to anticipate how your campaign is expected to perform so you can take action.

They offer you event monitoring which means that they will capture every meaningful moment of your event and access real-time engagement data to increase your event reach as it runs.

With this tool, you can easily measure the impact influencers are making on your brand online. Therefore, you will be able to easily identify and connect with the most relevant and engaging influencers in your industry.

What is more, Keyhole helps you to detect any conversation about your brand and the sentiment around it by using AI algorithm.

It uses social listening to gain insights into key conversations happening around any topic online.

real-time tracker - keyhole
Real-Time Tracker – Keyhole


  • Analyze and track hashtags and keywords.
  • Analyze and compare social media accounts.
  • Analyze old posts.
  • Campaign, event, and brand monitoring.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Market research.
  • Keyhole Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 89 ~ per month.


Obtain prompt access to online mentions and increase customer satisfaction and sales.

With Brand24 you can easily find out what people are saying online about your brand. Thus, you will get information ranging from social networks to influential publishers.

This astonishing tool helps you to reach and engage quickly to real-time comments about your brand. Thus, you will be able to either follow up on positive comments and/or give a fast response to any dissatisfied customer before it goes any further.

Due to the fact that most customers do research or ask online before making a buying decision, Brand24 gives you the tools to identify them. Therefore, you will be able to know where to promote your products and find customers before they find you.

mentions - brand24
Mentions – Brand24


  • Data exporting.
  • Mention analytics.
  • Influence score.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Alerts.
  • Filtering.
  • Discussion volume chart.
  • Brand24 Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 99 ~ per month.


Social media operation platform for businesses and teams.

Thanks to Buffer you can combine 25+ social accounts, program 2,000 posts per account, invite team members, have access to social analytics and more.

Their business plans are excellent for teams who are looking to schedule content for their business or client social accounts.

This amazing tool allows you to monitor the engagement and interactions of all the posts you have shared. Therefore, you can check how your content is performing in all your accounts.

If you use Buffer, your team members will have the possibility to create and share drafts.

Besides, all their posts will be still shared within your present schedule, hence preventing any kind of over-sharing or disruption to your publishing flow.

recent twitter posts - buffer
Recent Twitter Posts – Buffer


  • Get all your social accounts connected just in one place.
  • Schedule your posts per account.
  • Invite team members.
  • Access advanced analytics.
  • Create collections of social accounts for easier publishing.
  • See how your content is performing among all your social accounts.
  • Save posts to your drafts list for future editing before publishing.
  • Varied scheduling options.
  • Instagram direct scheduling.
  • Personalized posts composer.
  • Visualize and plan your social media content.
  • Re-share posts that have already been published.
  • Buffer Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 99 ~ per month.


Hashtag suggestions for images and texts on both desktop and mobile formats.

RiteTag not only provides you hashtag suggestions for a word or a short text, but you can also get hashtag suggestions for an image on any site and on mobile.

If what you want is to compare your hashtags, you can easily group them and get a comparison in RiteTag.

Besides, this tool allows you to get hashtag suggestions right where you manage your social profiles.

They provide you different Ritekits:

  • RiteForge helps you to craft, schedule, and publish outstanding posts.
  • While with RiteBoost, you will be able to enhance your posts.
  • Rite.ly allows you to add self-branded calls-to-action on links and track clicks and conversions.
twitter hashtag analytics - ritetag
Twitter Hashtag Analytics – RiteTag


  • Hashtag suggestions for texts.      
  • Hashtag suggestions for images.
  • Tag sets.
  • Integrations.
  • RiteTag Official Website


  • Freemium.


Simplify your Social Media Management.

This social media management tool will provide you with the listening, collaboration and reporting features you need so as to keep your clients delighted.

Were you to have a large team, they would give you the monitoring you need, plus flexible content scheduling options and collaboration workflow features.

While if your business is small, and what you need is a simple social media management tool, they will offer you endless reports so as to track your efforts.

AgoraPulse makes it easier for you to post to all your social accounts so that you can expand your content.

You can queue or schedule your content and publish it on the right moment for you. Besides, you can reschedule and re-queue your posts over and over again.

It also allows you to customize your content for each social network and monitor all those social conversations that have significant relevance for you.

This tool definitely helps you to build meaningful relationships with your audience.

fans and followers - agorapulse
Fans and Followers – AgoraPulse



  • Free trial.
  • $99~ per month.

All Hashtag

Effortlessly generate the best hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

All Hashtag is an outstanding tool that will make it easier to create and analyze top relevant hashtags for your social media content and marketing. Consequently, it generates loads of relevant hashtags that you can simply copy and paste into your social media posts.

So, thanks to their hashtag tools, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort while you get the best results out of your posts.

As soon as you start using this tool, you will get more followers, likes, success, and support.

hashtag insights - all hashtag
Hashtag Insights – All Hashtag



  • Free.


Optimize the Impact of Your Work.

Talkwalker is an amazing tool that monitors what is going on in all social channels and online media in real-time, on all markets and in 187 languages.

Thus, it allows you to discover what customers think about your campaigns, products, events, earning calls and brands. Therefore, you can track your brand perception and message impact all around the world.

With Talkwalker, you will not only be able to measure your brand and campaigns with proven KPI frameworks but also to measure sentiment and brand health.

What is more, they allow you to put your social efforts together with real business results, so you can present them to management in annotated reports. This will undoubtedly help you to contrast and compare your results channel by channel to the competition.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to widen the social performance of your communication campaigns due to data-driven technology.

With Talkwalker, you will manage to find the best stories and true influencers to boost your brand power.

overview report - talkwalker
Overview Report – Talkwalker


  • Social Listening.
  • Social Media Analytics.
  • Social Media Reporting.
  • Turn social data insights into action.
  • All in one platform.
  • Talkwalker Official Website


  • Freemium.

Instagram Insights

Native Instagram Analytics tool that tracks engagement, reach and impressions

Instagram Insights is a free tool you have access to if you have a business account on Instagram. It will significantly help you to gather information as regards the reach, impressions and engagement of your posts, stories and ads.

This data will be of great importance to check how your campaigns are doing. And also to analyze how each of your single posts and stories perform on Instagram.

Instagram outlines information about the content you’ve posted in the last seven days. For instance, you can compare the number of followers you had with the ones you have obtained during the last seven days.

On top of that, you will be able to check the total number of profile views, reach, and impressions in the last seven days. Or, you can even monitor your website views and CTAs from Instagram.

As regards Instagram stories, you will also be able to track data. Yet, Instagram allows you to check stories insights over the last 24 hours, seven days and fourteen days.

As on Instagram, you can make use of paid promotions. Instagram insights will also give you information about your active promotions. For example, about engagement, impressions, money spent, visits to your profile, etc.

instagram insights audience


  • Analyze your individual posts’ performance.
  • Evaluate your stories performance.
  • Examine your followers’ demographics (gender, location, age).
  • Show you your followers’ most active time.
  • Measure engagement, reach, and impressions.
  • Check your followers’ growth.
  • Find out how many profile visits you had.
  • Provide data as regards your paid promotions.
  • Instagram Official Website


  • Free.


Discover the best hashtag suggestions for Twitter & Instagram.

HashtagsForLikes is a fantastic tool that empowers you with the most trendy hashtag suggestions for your Instagram and Twitter posts. Thus, it will not only help you to get better reach results, but you will also gain more followers.

It’s fairly easy to use, you just have to type in any hashtag in the search bar. Then, it will give you live information about analytics and insights of the hashtag you typed. And finally, it’s you who has to use this data to improve the performance of your hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Besides, they also give you the chance to get popular hashtags. Yet, this data is only available for premium accounts. Though, it might be useful for businesses. It’s up to you whether you want to use this service or not.

But, there’s no doubt it will undoubtedly help you to reach a wider audience and get more followers.



  • Instagram hashtag generator.
  • Twitter hashtag generator.
  • Get live analytics and insights from the dashbar.
  • Obtain trendy hashtag suggestions.
  • Increase your reach.
  • Boost the number of your followers.
  • Performance reports.
  • HashtagsForLikes Official Website


  • Free.
  • Premium: $ 14.99  ~ per month.


Hashtag analytics tool for your brand, business, product, service, event or blog.

This amazing tool helps you to listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations. Therefore, you will get worthwhile social media insights.

Besides, Hashtags.org not only allows you to check if a hashtag has already been used before you publish it. But it also gives you the information you need in order to take advantage of your hashtag marketing.

Their website provides you with outstanding resources such as hashtag Analytics, Articles, Dictionary and Support that you might want to use if you need more information about how to use hashtags.

24-hour trend graph - hashtags.org
24-Hour Trend Graph – Hashtags.org


  • Track hashtags.
  • Compare hashtags.
  • Export data CSV, XML, JSON.
  • Saved views.
  • Get monthly data storage.
  • Get support.
  • Hashtags.org Official Website


  • $ 49 ~ per month.


Audience Focused Social Media Tool.

Socialbakers will undoubtedly help you to identify your audience to create appropriate content and get influencers that matter to them.

They provide you with an AI-powered audience analysis platform so that you can target the right people with the right message and at the right time.

On top of that, this tool will unquestionably help you work faster because you can manage all your social media accounts on just one platform.

With Socialbakers, you can monitor conversations about your brand which will help you to establish better relationships with your customers.

analytics summary - socialbakers
Analytics Summary – Socialbakers


  • Audiences and influencers’ understanding.
  • Content intelligence.
  • Social media management.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Community management.
  • Socialbakers Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $200 ~ per month.

Twitter Advanced Search

Discover exactly what you are looking for.

Once you log into Twitter, this tool will allow you to adapt your search results to precise date ranges, people and more. In other words, it makes it easier for you to find specific Tweets.

If you use Twitter Advanced Search, you will be able to improve your search results by using a combination of fields such as words, people, places, and dates.

twitter advanced search
Twitter Advanced Search



  • Free.

Tweet Binder

Analyze, organize and display your Twitter and Instagram content.

Tweet Blinder is a hashtag tracking tool for agencies and marketers. They offer you different types of reports such as Twitter Historical, Twitter 30-day, Twitter Real-Time, and Instagram hashtag.

Tracking hashtags with this tool makes it easier for you to get information about the impact of your campaign.

On top of that, their custom projects will allow you to present and display your campaign data within a website. So your clients will have the chance to engage with you even more.

There are a thousand opportunities when it comes to display and analyze Instagram and Twitter data.

What they offer you is a hashtag tracking tool without limits, real-time hashtag monitoring, Twitter historical data without limits too, an Instagram hashtag analysis, Social Media Walls, and custom projects to display information.

advanced stats - tweet binder
Advanced Stats – Tweet Binder


  • Twitter historical report.         
  • Twitter 30-day report.
  • Twitter real-time report.
  • Instagram hashtag report.
  • Advanced stats.
  • Excel exportation.
  • Tweet Binder Official Website


  • $79 ~ per month.


Curate and display social media content.

Taggbox makes it easier for you to deal with social media content so as to build trust and improve your marketing performance.

It allows you to add many social platforms to bring in content and discover your earned media. You can also filter unwanted content thanks to their moderation panel.

Besides, you can personalize and design your web choosing colors, fonts, background and adding logos and messages. And you can display the social wall on a screen or embed it on your website.

feeds - taggbox
Feeds – Taggbox


  • Gallery of themes.
  • Customized design.
  • Filter and moderate.
  • Shoppable posts.
  • Highlight offers.
  • Auto updates.
  • Fits any screen.
  • Analytics.
  • Taggbox Official Website


  • Free trial
  • $49 ~ per month.

Social Searcher

A powerful social media search engine for free.

Social Searcher provides you with their wonderful search engine that you can use to monitor each and every social mention about your brand on social networks and the web.

With this tool, you will be able to measure and track what people are saying about your company, brand, product or service in a matter of seconds. Thus, saving you loads of time and effortlessly.

What is more, thanks to their social analytics, you will be granted with the opportunity of getting various charts and reports evaluating the performance of your content among several platforms.

If what you want is to know your audience better, they will provide you information about their preferred post types, weekdays, and times for publishing.

Not to mention the fact that this tool’s sentiment analysis will help you to deal with not only positive feedback but, most importantly, with the negative one. Therefore, giving you the chance to react promptly.

Were you interested in tracking influencers activity, you would be given essential information about their tactics in the long run.

media types - social searcher
Media Types – Social Searcher


  • Actionable social analytics.
  • Audience insights.
  • Popular hashtags.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Social influencers.
  • Explore social mentions.
  • Data export and social media monitoring API.
  • Email alerts.
  • Social Searcher Official Website


  • Freemium.

Display Purposes

Fantastic tool for exploring photographic hashtags.

Simple as it may seem, what Display Purposes does is to suggest a list of the best hashtags to use based on any hashtag you give to its tag search, as well as ban spammy ones.

Needless to say that this is of the utmost importance when what you need is to get your content seen by an audience.

This website also provides you information about the relevance and popularity of each hashtag with a map.

Although the website has no affiliation with the popular image sharing app Instagram, there is no doubt of its usefulness.

relevant hashtag graph - display purposes
Relevant Hashtag Graph – Display Purposes



  • Free.


Analyze Twitter trending topics at a glance.

If you want to know what is going on in real-time, Trendsmap is the best tool to show you the latest Twitter trending hashtags and topics from anywhere all around the world.

All you have to do is to click on a word, zoom into your area of interest and explore.

In addition, if you want to explore the past, with this tool you can find out any topic, hashtag, user or Tweet being used.

But, if what you want is to be the best informed, you can create email and Slack alerts so as to be the first one to get information about any topic.

twitter trending topics - trendsmap
Twitter Trending Topics – Trendsmap


  • Latest trends.
  • 7-day trends history.
  • Global top Tweets.
  • Local trends.
  • Local top tweets, media, and URLs.
  • Filter results by time, country, state, region, and language.
  • Identify influencers.
  • Create personalized alerts.
  • Slack alerts.
  • Trendsmap Official Website


  • $ 25 ~ per month.


Analyze, manage and measure your social media activity.

Thanks to Metricool, you can measure all your social media accounts and online advertising campaigns in just one place. Thus, it makes it easier to achieve your marketing goals.

You can also get information about your competitors’ metrics to understand and compare strategies in each and every social network.

If you want to program your posts, you can use the calendar they provide to organize and optimize your content strategy following their advice of the best time to publish based on your audience preferences.

They also give you the chance to create your reports up to your own needs. You can add your brand logo, choose what metrics to include, the language, and more.

Besides, you can manage your community and get information about how they interact with your website in real-time.

twitter community - metricool
Twitter Community – Metricool


  • Analyze your content online.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Schedule your social media posts.
  • Automatically create custom reports.
  • Manage your community and events in real-time.
  • Metricool Official Website


  • Free.


Twitter search analytics and business intelligence.

Followthehashtag is an amazing Twitter intelligence and analytics tool that supports you with loads of features. Thus, they make it easier for you to search, analyze and measure content.

Besides, they will undoubtedly help you to discover influencers, create useful reports, look for geo-located tweets, filter your searches, analyze your competitors, and more.

dashboard - followthehashtag
Dashboard – Followthehashtag


  • Geodata, heatmap, and language.
  • Keyword tracking.
  • Twitter picture analysis.
  • Twitter users’ influence score.
  • Gender analysis.
  • Aggregated key repeats.
  • Top users and Tweets insights.
  • Influence score evolution.
  • Blob chart.
  • Reach/repeats.
  • Stream analysis.
  • Premium features shop.
  • Followthehashtag Official Website


  • Free.

Rival IQ

Social media analytics software that empowers your performance and strengthens your strategy.

Their social media analytics make it easier for you to gather information about how your social media efforts are perceived by your audience. They tell you exactly which of your posts get the best response and also provide you with competitors insights.

Moreover, you will be able to customize, schedule, and export reports. Therefore, giving you key metrics to drive more engagement and justify your social media campaigns.

Thanks to their social listening, you will be empowered to give your audience what they want as well as find inspiration for your own social campaigns.

social post - rival iq
Social Post – Rival IQ


  • Social media analytics.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Social listening.
  • Hashtag analytics.
  • Twitter mentions tracking.
  • Metrics analytics.
  • Scheduled reports.
  • Email alerts.
  • Tag filters.
  • Rival IQ Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 199 ~ per month.


A useful search engine for Instagram hashtags.

Webstagram helps you to look for information on Instagram. You can search for photos, tags, popular users, and etc. It provides information about likes, and it also gives you a list of comments.

You might use this tool not only as a search engine but also as a way of gathering information for future practice and inspiration.

top posts - webstagram
Top Posts – Webstagram



  • Freemium.


Hashtags overview across the world.

#onemilliontweetmap provides you relevant information about Tweets through varied filtering options. This information is not only updated in real time, but it is also powered by Maptimize, a geographical clustering engine for online maps.

Mainly, what it does is help you to filter Tweets in a particular area, giving you information about when these Tweets were posted, who posted them and the content of those Tweets.

sentiment view - #onemilliontweetmap
Sentiment View – #onemilliontweetmap



  • Freemium.


A Twitter hashtag and Twitter account analytics tool.

This tool gives you a profound analysis of your brand, product, or website. It tells you information not only about who is talking about you but also about social traffic, demography, influencers, location, and sentiments.

Among their products, you can find: Twitter Account Analytics, Hashtag Analytics, Download Tweets, and Followers Analysis.

Therefore, you can use this tool to get comprehensive insights into your brand, competitors, and individuals.

You can also analyze keywords, hashtags and user mentions on Twitter in real-time.

Besides, they allow you to download Tweets from any user and even download a comprehensive report about the followers of any public account on Twitter.

hashtag analytics report - exporttweet
Hashtag Analytics Report – ExportTweet


  • Competitor watch.
  • Demographic analysis.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Language analysis.
  • Real-time Twitter data.
  • Logo branding.
  • ExportTweet Official Website


  • $ 19.99 ~ per month.


Hashtag definition search engine.

Tagdef makes it easier for you to understand what a specific hashtag means. In other words, it provides you definitions of mysterious and/or cryptic hashtags.

What is more, this interface relies on users to supply definitions. So you can provide your own interpretation of a precise hashtag or even vote for the one you think matches best a specific one.

hashtag definition - tagdef
Hashtag Definition – Tagdef



  • Freemium.


Creating a real-time Twitter chat room based on Twitter hashtags.

TWChat is a Twitter chat that you can use to share information about your brand or product and engage with your audience. Thus, it’s very useful for Twitter marketers.

What this platform does is to monitor hashtags, and it creates a smooth interface quite similar to the one of a chatroom. It allows you to see new messages, send your own ones, and most importantly you will have the control of all what you see.

Were you to use this tool, you would be able to filter responses, see messages that include questions, see Tweets where you are specifically mentioned, follow users, retweet, reply… and so on and so forth.

twitter chat rooms - twchat
Twitter Chat Rooms – TWChat



  • Freemium.


Get stats on your mentions, retweets, and likes on Twitter.

This Twitter analytics tool allows you to analyze your Twitter account and offers you analytics about your followers and those you follow.

Twitonomy basically makes it easier for you to gather information as regards followers growth, clicks, retweeted and favorite Tweets, mentions, and so on and so forth.

monitoring mentions - twitonomy
Monitoring Mentions – Twitonomy


  • Visual analytics on tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags.
  • Audience insights.
  • Monitor social interactions.
  • Search analytics.
  • Followers report.
  • Track clicks.
  • Track followers’ growth.
  • Twitonomy Official Website


  • Free.


Reduce your Social Media Management to essentials.

HootSuite makes it a lot easier for you to find, schedule, manage and report your social media content.

With this awesome tool, you will be able to automatically schedule lots of social media posts throughout all your social media accounts, all in one place.

Needless to say that thanks to HootSuite, not only can you measure the impact of your social media campaigns and get reports, but also you can measure conversions and separate ROI.

What is more, they allow you to find and filter conversations by keyword, Hashtag and location, giving you the chance to know what people have to say about your brand.

post planner - hootsuite
Post Planner – Hootsuite


  • Scheduling your posts.
  • Content curation.
  • Social media analytics.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Team management.
  • Social media security.
  • Find out new apps and integrations.
  • HootSuite amplify.
  • HootSuite insights.
  • HootSuite Official Website


  • Freemium.


Follow Hashtags and Find Out Conversations.

If you are looking for a way to engage your audience, amplify your event’s reach, and create new revenue opportunities, you should no doubt start using Twubs. It not only encourages conversation but also cares for your trademarks.

This cool tool provides you with a single social landing page so that you can easily communicate with your own audience.

Besides, you will be able to project a totally brandable, customizable, moderated, fullscreen stream of tweets including media. They supply you with a real-time Hashtag feed widget on your website.

live feed - twubs
Live Feed – Twubs



  • Free.


Impressive Twitter tool for real-time Tracking, Organizing, and Engagement.

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application that you can use to manage your Twitter accounts.

Were you to have multiple accounts on Twitter, this would be the perfect tool to manage them. It allows you to select a default account, though you can tweet from all your accounts too.

TweetDeck gives you the possibility to not only like a Tweet from all your accounts, but also to follow someone from all of them.

Besides, you can add columns so as to show all your mentions, the results of a search query, a list of likes, notifications, messages, followers, the latest Tweets from a Hashtag or trend, and so on and so forth.

new tweet - tweetdeck
New Tweet – TweetDeck



  • Free.


Brilliant Analytics tool for Social Media Campaigns and Events

Hashtracking provides an impressive, smart and powerful social media tracking.

Besides, they produce not only Twitter but also Instagram snapshot reports that are extremely useful.

If what you are looking for is solutions for your display and events, they will definitely support you with custom, data-driven streaming.

activity summary - hashtracking
Activity Summary – Hashtracking


  • Hashtracking Explorer.
  • Track and share reports.
  • Streaming Wall.
  • Track past, present, and future history.
  • Analyze your data.
  • Track influencers.
  • Color tracking analysis.
  • Export your data.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Twitter and Instagram reporting.
  • Hashtracking Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 50 ~ per month.


Social Search and Display Platform.

Tagboard utilizes Hashtags to look for and collect public social media in real-time in networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This tool makes it easier for you to find out social media and quickly share it. Thus, it mainly allows you to connect with your audience across websites, mobile apps, large format displays, and live broadcasts.

hashtag results - tagboard
Hashtag Results – Tagboard


  • Real-time Hashtag campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Campaigns stats.
  • Capture consent.
  • Polling feature.
  • Social commerce.
  • API access.
  • On-site support.
  • Live Snapchat displays.
  • Tagboard Official Website


  • Freemium.


Minter.io helps you to measure your audience growth. It tells you information about the gender and geo-distribution of your followers.

Account and Hashtag Analytics tool to track your performance on Instagram.

No sooner have you started to use this awesome tool than you will be able to determine which of your posts echoes most with your audience. You will also get information about the time when your posts get more likes and comments and which hashtags bring about more engagement.

On top of that, this tool helps you to get a profound understanding of your Instagram community. You will be able to find out the most engaging posts and relevant contributors. You can also measure the success of new products and marketing campaigns.

Not to mention the fact that it allows you to track your competitor hashtags so that you can compare your brand perception with one of your competitors.

best time to post - minter-io
Best Time to Post – Minter-io


  • Instagram analysis.
  • Optimize your content.
  • Instagram Hashtag analytics.
  • Instagram stories and Instagram insights.
  • Track your Instagram traffic.
  • Minter.io Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 9 ~ per month/account.


Instagram analytics platform based on your audience interests and preferences.

Squarelovin helps you to get a lot of data from your customers which you can easily either approve or disapprove, request image rights, and curate content, everything within a single dashboard.

You can also benefit from your Instagram account by getting access to metrics on your recent posts and growth, an analysis per month, and the history of your posts.

They not only give you an extensive insight into your community’s preferences and interests but also tell you the best and worst times to post.

instagram analytics - squarelovin
Instagram Analytics – Squarelovin



  • Free.


Reveal the secrets in the analytics and engage with users better.

This tool will help you to empower your social growth using not only insights on social performance, but also get better social engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

You can easily manage numerous social profiles from just one dashboard thanks to Iconosquare.

They also entitle you to share your performance by means of reports that are easily delivered either into your inbox, your team or your clients.

You can also compare your performance with one of your competitors with metrics such as follower growth, engagement and reach.

Iconosquare makes it easier for you to plan your content ahead, schedule and preview your posts before publishing them.

overview - iconosquare
Overview – Iconosquare


  • Facebook and Instagram Audit.
  • Instagram Strategy Quiz.
  • Social Media Calendar.
  • Insights on content performance.
  • Manage multiple profiles.
  • Scheduled reports.
  • Competitor tracking and monitoring.
  • Schedule and plan your content.
  • Iconosquare Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $29 ~ per month.


Trustworthy Hashtag Tracking tool.

Thanks to this fantastic tool, you will be able to track each and every keyword related to your brand. You can also find the most influential and active users, and connect with them so as to promote your content and boost your brand’s reach.

In addition, you will be able to track your competitors’ keywords, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts which will allow you to be some steps ahead of them.

Socialert will provide you with useful reports that will definitely help you to plan your future marketing strategies a lot better.

With this awesome tool, you will have the opportunity to count hashtag mentions and hashtag usage. They also give you information about top Tweets, links, and the most popular hashtags.

keyword tracker - socialert
Keyword Tracker – Socialert


  • Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook analytics.
  • Get historical reports.
  • Track your competitors.
  • Timeline distribution.
  • Geographic distribution.
  • Separate historical data.
  • Data search filters.
  • Influencer and user tracking.
  • Socialert Official Website


  • Free trial.
  • $ 29.95 ~ per month.

Seek Metrics

Social Media Analytics, Historical Data, Hashtag and Quote Generator Tool.

This incredible tool will provide you real-time insights on any profile, whether it is yours, a competitor’s profile or even a client’s profile.

What is more, you can get information about a profile up to a year of historical data, all of this in seconds. And not surprisingly, if you visit a profile, it will be tracked daily for you.

This all-in-one platform is empowered with an amazing competitive analysis that will undeniably help you explore not only content performance stats, the profile and engagement insights of your competitors but also track their audience growth on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

Seek Metrics provides you with an Instagram and Twitter hashtag generator. Not to mention that you can also generate visual image quotes in just one click that you can use for your posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

facebook analytics - seekmetrics
Facebook Analytics – Seekmetrics


  • Competitive analytics.
  • Key metrics.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Analytics.
  • Hashtag Generator.
  • Quote Generator.
  • Seek Metrics Official Website


  • Free.


Plan and schedule Instagram posts visually with a great hashtag assist.

Later is an awesome tool that makes it really easy for you to plan and arrange your posts on Instagram. You can manage your photos and videos in one single platform and from any device.

It also allows you to see how your posts will look like on your feed before publishing.

With Later you can learn what your customers say about you, and then use this information to improve how your audience sees you and even repost user content for advertising.

Interestingly, what this tool does as regards your content on Instagram is to point out what is working and vice versa. So, you might want to use this information to improve how your brand is perceived, get more followers, and post at optimal times.

Later empowers you with their Linkin.bio Integration which means that they help you to drive more traffic to your webpage from your Instagram account as well as helping you to track your sales.

hashtag search - later
Hashtag Search – Later


  • Visual content calendar.
  • Arrange your content with drag and drop.
  • Automatic posting on Instagram.
  • Import videos and photos from wherever you want.
  • Find and repost user-generated content.
  • Identify the best time to post.
  • Analyze your performance.
  • Design shoppable Instagram content.
  • Link your Instagram account to your website and blog.
  • Add multiple links to your posts.
  • Later Official Website


  • Freemium.

Did I miss any Hashtag Analytics Tools?

There you have the 40 hashtag tools that will help you to find the best hashtags.

Now I would love to hear from you!

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