Google Analytics First Settings for Beginners

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Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that provides detailed data about your website and helps you to improve your website performance. For instance, Google Analytics monitors goals which you can set in it, find out which keywords to target in your SEO strategy, and tracks sales on your website if you have an ecommerce website.

With Google Analytics, it is possible to understand what is working for your website and which part to be improved. So that you can implement a better SEO measurement and web performance.

Here’s the Google Analytics first settings you should take.


Google Analytics First Settings to Take

  1. Sign Up for Google Analytics

    The first step is to create an account for Google Analytics with your email and a password. (If you don’t have a Google account, you need to create a Google account at first.) Fill in your information such as your website name, the URL and industry category, in the account creation page.

  2. Install Your Tracking Code

    The most important thing is that you must install your tracking code correctly and place it into each page of your website. Click an “Admin” tab in the navigation at the top, “Tracking Info” in the Property session, and “Tracking Code.” You will see your tracking code. Then you must copy the code and paste it into EVERY single page of your website.

  3. Set Goals

    Setting goals on Google Analytics is vital to achieve your marketing goal on the website. In “Admin” page, click “Goals” in the View session. You can define your goals, choose the goal type like destination and duration, and then set the detail.

  4. Exclude Your IP Address or Network Domains

    To avoid tracking inaccurate data from your activities like your page views, you want to exclude your IP address or network domains. In “Admin” page, click “Filters” in the View session and add the filter information such as a filter name, filter type to be excluded.


With these Google Analytics first settings, you can start analyzing your website performance and lead your business to success. Google Analytics allows you to check what your website is performing by comparing with what you want to achieve, and improve your website performance looking at the Google Analytics data.

Although mastering Google Analytics is a little difficult for beginners because of the high functionality, it is an extremely useful tool to analyze a lot of features within one tool. Try these steps at first to get started and then learn how to use Google Analytics.


What metrics do you want to measure with Google Analytics?

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