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26 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Business Growth

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Digital marketing is a powerful communication tool that gives you additional sales and distribution channels. A big challenge for online marketers is to leverage web technologies to meet business objectives. Thus, thanks to companies out there, you have many digital marketing tools for business that save you time and money. Moreover, they make it easier for you to complete your marketing activities and prove the impact of your efforts efficiently.

Here’s our list of the best digital marketing tools that you should use to boost your business growth.


26 Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business

Web Analytics Tools

  1. Google Analytics

    A website should be one of the most critical brand elements in your business strategy. Luckily, Google Analytics is one of the best web analytics tools that provide valuable insight on web traffic and the web metrics you have to take into consideration to improve your business growth. It lets you quickly measure and analyze your ROI and make in-depth reports. You can check out “5 Web Performance Metrics in Google Analytics” to boost traffic and conversions.

  2. Lucky Orange

    It is imperative to understand what your visitors do on your website to improve your conversion rate. This gives you an idea of not only what works but also why you don’t convert. Understanding the visitor behavior helps you take the right direction for them to take desirable actions. Lucky Orange can capture every visitor’s action using its recording feature. Also, it tracks web statistics, shows you heatmaps of the users’ behavior, as well as set up funnels to detect conversion problems. As a result, this site will allow you to truly grasp how visitors browse your website and optimize your conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

  1. Ahrefs

    Building a quality backlink is crucial for SEO. A great competitor research and SEO backlink checker tool is ahrefs. Among of its many features, ahrefs are helpful to check what their most popular pages are and which keywords work. Also, it gives you scores like ahrefs ranking, URL rating, and Domain rating based on backlink profile. Manage your backlink profile and analyze your competitors’ keyword rankings.

  2. SEO SiteCheckup

    Technical SEO helps you improve search engine crawling and indexing. For example, by using HTML Microdata specifications and canonical tags, your website ranks better in SERPs. SEO SiteCheckup is an advanced SEO analysis and monitoring tool that allows you to check technical errors including HTML and CSS inefficiency. You can easily compare your SEO performance with your competitors and get how-to-fix tutorials for each item. Take advantage of the in-depth analysis of your SEO and beat your competition.

  3. Open Site Explorer

    Developing your inbound link profile helps you optimize your SEO efforts, increase your search volumes, and improve your search engine rankings. Open Site Explorer shows the domain and page authority and inbound links of the URL you entered. Find out what backlinks your competitors have and seek link building opportunities for your business.

  4. Google Search Console

    Fixing your website errors is fundamental to provide visitors a better user experience and rank higher in SERPs. Google Search Console (renamed from Google Webmaster Tools) is a free SEO tool that lists all of the errors your website has with Google. With this tool, you will get your structured data, search traffic analytics, index states, crawl errors, etc. Fix all of these mistakes individually and optimize your web performance in search results.

  5. Google PageSpeed Insights

    Web loading time is a critical factor that affects your SEO and user experience. Google PageSpeed Insights provides you with suggestions to improve the web load speed and usability. Through this tool, you will be able to understand what you need to do for speeding up your website and offer a greater UX. You can read “How Google PageSpeed Insights Works and How to Improve” to see how to shorten your web loading speed.

  6. Siteliner

    Duplicate contents are the same or similar contents from different URLs but appearing under one domain. It negatively impacts on your search engine rankings and confuses visitors. Siteliner is a great free tool that shows you mainly duplicate contents, broken links, and page power. Give the right direction to search engines and create unique content for each URL.

Local SEO Tools

  1. Yext

    Adding your local business listings to online directories brings you a huge marketing opportunity. Yext is a local business listing management tool that controls your business contact information for up to 70+ local directories in one place. Also, the tool allows you to suppress duplicate listings, monitor reviews and enhance your online listings. List your local business in quality online directories possible and boost brand awareness.

  2. Moz Local

    It is critical to get your site listed correctly on search engines and local directories for local search engines. Moz Local checks how complete your local business listings are on each network. Also, it gives you a listing score and tells where your incomplete listings are to improve them. Ensure your local business listings are consistent across all the local directories.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools

  1. SEMrush

    Search engine marketing is potent promotion tool that utilizes search engines as an effective means of advertising. SEMrush not only shows how your competitor gets search traffic in organic results but also which paid keywords they use for ad bidding. Thus, it allows you to uncover your competitor’s search engine marketing strategies and find better keywords for your ads. Analyze your competitor’s bidding and develop your SEM strategies.

  2. Google Adwords Editor

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising in the major PPC platforms like Google Adwords can be a good investment for your business. Google Adwords Editor is a free and powerful PPC management tool that allows you to make changes quicker in your accounts and find new keyword opportunities. Narrow down your target audience and turn clicks into conversions efficiently.

Content Marketing Tools

  1. BuzzSumo

    Well-optimized contents will lead your audience through the sales and action cycle. BuzzSumo provides a list of the most shared content across all social networks and key influencers for a specific keyword. Analyzing what contents work for your topic and check who you should engage with. That will take your content marketing to the next level and boost conversions.

  2. Übersuggest

    Using the right keyword choice in your message affects your digital marketing performance. Using long-tail keywords gets less search traffic, but drives your target audience with higher conversions to your website. Übersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that gives a long-tail keyword phrase list based on real inquiries. Do your long-tail keyword research and get qualified leads to your website.

  3. Grammarly

    Using clear and compelling words is essential. Since grammatical mistakes and typos can destroy your credibility, you must take extra care of your texts. Grammarly is a grammar check tool that makes it easier to have clear communication. It highlights your writing mistakes on web browsers and tells you what you have done wrong. Double-check your texts before sending or publishing to deliver error-free messages!

  4. Google Trends

    Selecting your topics or keywords based on what the world is searching for can bring you more opportunities to get attention and search traffic. Google Trends provides seasonal demands in search volume, related topics, and related queries. Also, it allows you to compare up to 5 keywords of search popularities. For more information, check out “How Google Trends Works – Keyword Trend Analysis.”

Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. Hootsuite

    Social media marketing is a dynamic way of building relationships, and the management consumes a lot of time. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to automate processes for social media management. You can update your social media profiles, schedule your future updates to multiple social networks, and track your activities. Provide consistent communication with your target audience and build relationships.

  2. Keyhole

    A great social marketing strategy is to use a hashtag for increasing reaches and creating engagement opportunities. Keyhole is one of the free best hashtag analytics tools that track the posts with a specific hashtag in real-time and gives you an overview of the performance. Use effective hashtags in your social media posts and acquire more target audience engaged with you.

  3. Tweriod

    Sending a social media post when most of your audience is active gives more chance to spread your messages. It is vital to understand which time works best for your Twitter marketing success. Tweriod is a free Twitter analytics tool that tells you the best time to tweet. For more information about Tweriod, read “How to Get Most Exposure Easily with Tweriod.

  4. ManageFlitter

    Following and engaging with users related to your business is vital to build stronger relationships and improve your performance on social media. ManageFlitter is a free Twitter management tool that helps you to manage your Twitter following strategy. Follow the right users to your business and enhance your influence with them. Check out “How to Manage Twitter Followers with Free ManageFlitter Account.”

Email Marketing Tools

  1. MailChimp

    Email marketing is still a viral marketing opportunity with a high response rate. MailChimp is a powerful email marketing automation tool that allows you to provide a personalized email experience. You can manage your segmenting email list, create email campaigns and analyze your data. Send well-functioning emails and grow your audience.

  2. Salesforce

    Customer relationship management (CRM) controls detailed information about individual customers and create better customer satisfaction. Salesforce is one of the best CRM tools that offers several services to connect with customers strongly. It helps you not only manage customer information but also track leads opportunities.

  3. OptinMonster

    If you have a blog and want to convert your readers into subscribers, building high converting forms is a shortcut. OptinMonster is one of the most influential lead generation tools that allow you to create multiple types of opt-in forms with an exit-intent technology. It helps you to conduct A/B tests easily and grow your email list fast. Send your pop-up at the best timing and transfer prospects to your customers.

Collaboration Tools

  1. Trello

    Collaboration tools allow numbers of people to come together to work, share and build by collaborating and sharing information. Trello is a free project management tool that organizes your projects flexibly and shares the development workflow within your team. Your team can chase what tasks are active by who without having to ask anyone. Make your team’s work visible and get it done.

  2. Google Drive

    Cloud storage makes it easier for you to access, share, protect, and manage your data with your team. Therefore, Google Drive is a free online cloud storage tool that lets you quickly upload files and folders, sync from desktop and mobile devices, and share with other users. It automatically integrates with other Google tools like Google Docs and Google Hangouts. Keep your data organized and consolidated for your collaboration work success.

  3. Slack

    If you’re working with remote co-workers in your team, you know how vital team collaboration is. Hence, Slack is one of the most popular and convenient communication tools that offers instant messaging, calls, file sharing, and code transfer. Also, it connects to third-party apps like Skype and Google Drive. Therefore, you can have all the team communication in one place. Manage your team efforts efficiently and boost their productivity.


In conclusion, digital marketing tools are a sure way to better your performance. They help you to not only make your daily task better but also create stronger competitive advantages. Beat your competition and grow your business as a result!


What digital marketing tools do you use daily? If you know other tools that are not listed in here, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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