A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics Reports

Evinex Blog A Beginners Guide To Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics is a free advanced web analytics tool by Google. It provides a comprehensive analysis of a website performance from the visitors’ activities. You can get a variety of information from number of visits and pageviews to search keywords that lead to sales. So that it helps you to grasp the strengths and the weakness of your website.

To use Google Analytics effectively, you need to understand the meaning of these 5 basic dimensions in Google Analytics reports.


5 Types of Google Analytics Reports

  1. Real-Time

    Real-Time report allows you to see the real-time situation on a website within a few seconds. It is suitable to check the immediate feedback of your marketing campaigns such as newsletters and posts from social media. You can monitor the overview, (searched) locations, traffic sources (referrals), (active) content, event and conversions.

  2. Audience

    Audience report tells you what kind of people visited your website, such as their demographics, geographic, interests and users flow in the website. It also shows what devices/browser they used to reach to your website and their behavior like whether they are new or returning and the engagement.

  3. Acquisition

    It is possible to know where they came from with the Acquisition report. For example, the top channels (organic search, direct, referral and social) and all of the referral pages. Among of the report, you can see what queries visitors used to visit your website and detailed information like the impressions and CTR against each queries in the Search Engine Optimization session that will help you to improve your search engine rankings.

  4. Behavior

    Behavior report enables you to see the movement of visitors within a website, from the behavior flow to the average time on each page and in-page analytics which displays the percentage of the link that was clicked on each page. In addition, you can check the page speed on each page and suggestions to improve.

  5. Conversions

    At last, conversions report gives you a report of the achievements for your goals. By setting goals within a website such as gaining product purchasers and newsletter subscribers, it is possible to measure the degree of the accomplishments of your goals. Especially for ecommerce sites, this is a great feature to grasp the current situation of your conversion visually.


These are the basics to use for analyzing a website. To use Google Analytics properly, you need to check these items for making improvements to your website performance and conversions. If you haven’t setup your account yet, read “Google Analytics First Settings for Beginners” and get started today!


Which reports do you place an importance on your strategy?

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