9 Essential Tips to Generate Traffic to Your Website

9 Essential Tips to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Since the world went digital, almost everything is done online. Companies are investing on online marketing strategy more than ever in order to reach a larger target audience. Furthermore, customers are also spending a lot of time online searching and purchasing products or services. This is a trend that tends to keep growing through the advance of the mobile devices.

So nowadays is impossible to think about a successful business that is not highly active online. Having a well designed and efficient website is no longer important, but essential; without it your business will not succeed. However, a lot of times having it is not enough for you to reach your target audience. If you do not generate traffic to your website, how your customer will get to know your product and service and be able to purchase it? That is why is so important to have as much traffic as possible.

But how can you generate traffic to your business’ website without spending a lot of money? There are many ways you can do it!


How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

  1. Make Sure Your Website is Fast

    First thing you have to do is to make sure that your website is fast. It can sound even stupid, but is not. Have you even been waiting forever for a website to load? We are sure you had and it is not a good experience, you probably quit it. That is the reason why you need to technically optimize all your content. So your potential customer will not have the unpleasant feeling of waiting for your website to load.

  2. Accessible for Mobile Devices

    Besides waiting forever for a website to load there is another thing that also makes people quit the search before even checking the content of a website. Like inaccessibility for mobile devices; customers are each time using more mobile devices to purchase product and services instead of using desktops and laptops. Because of that you need to adapt your website for smaller screens and make sure that is accessible and comfortable for your customer to navigate through it without any issue.

  3. Social Media Marketing

    Once you make sure that your website is well designed and efficient you have to start driving traffic for it. Nowadays, companies are investing a lot of money on social media marketing. If you are active on social media you are able to engage with your customer and drive them to your website. Having an integrated marketing strategy in all your different platforms helps you to create brand awareness and recognition from potential customers.

    It is all about the content you upload. Each social media has a different way of communicating and a different audience. So if you deliver the right content at the right platform and for the right target audience, for sure you will succeed about engaging with your potential customers and driving them to your website.

    Promote your business through social media channels is key nowadays. Outdated marketing vehicles such as television, radio and billboard does not have the same impact of digital media in order to drive traffic to your website.

  4. Contact Influential Bloggers and Social Media Ambassadors

    If you have a blog and are always uploading new content, it is important that you build some kind of connection with some influential bloggers. Especially from the same area of business that they would share your content and reach more people. On social media people tend to follow famous people that have the same lifestyle as them. So if you can make this people become your brand ambassador, you will reach a specific target audience. Depending on the area of your business, having a brand ambassador can enhance a lot your brand awareness and recognition.

    Another important step that you can take is to interview some industry leaders for your blog. You may think that this sounds hard, but you can always try to send them emails. Then you will have some interesting information that you can upload and that would arouse interest on your target audience.

  5. Content is King

    One of the most important features of a good website is the content that you upload on it. Make sure that your content is interesting, helpful and also addressed to the right target audience. You can develop different kinds of information for your public: educational, funny, interesting and different approaches that would arouse curiosity on the readers. Always make sure to develop your own content and that you are not copying from another website.

    Furthermore, every time you are developing content, you have to give a lot of importance for your headline; this is how you catch the attention of the person that is reading it. Even though you have a really interesting post, without a compelling headline people may not read it.

  6. Importance of Having People Sharing Your Content

    When is about digital marketing, sharing is key for the enhancing brand awareness and spreading your content. Especially on Social Media, people are always sharing articles and posts that are interesting for them. Once people start sharing your content it will reach a larger target audience and resulting more people reading your content and being able to get to know your product or service.

  7. Engage with Your Audience

    Business success is completely related to customer service, if you provide a good product and service and you communicate with your customer in a positive way, you will be able to establish a good relationship with than and create a loyal customer. Even though when people have some kind of complaint about your service or product, you can take advantage of this problem and solve it in the best way possible so your unhappy customer can become a long term one.

  8. Search Engine Optimization

    People nowadays use a lot of search engines when they are looking for some service. It is important that you put some effort on working on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a good ranking on website such as Google and Yahoo can increase your website’s traffic in a large scale. Having your business information in different directories can help you to attract more people to your website, especially if you are a local business.

  9. Data Analysis

    Another important point about increasing traffic to your website is to always analyze your data. This way you can keep track of everything that is going on your website and also on your social media. This way you can measure what platforms are providing you more traffic and also others that are not working so you can improve that. By keeping track of your growth and analyzing your data, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website even more constantly.


As you can see there are many ways you can increase traffic for your website without spending any money. However, if you are starting a small business you have to start working on all this areas but you have to be patient because this process of having more people checking your website may take a while to happen. Keep in mind that you can always do something to increase your brand awareness and recognition. And by doing that you will be reaching more people that would like to know more about your business.


Now we would like to hear from you, what do you think is the most effective way to drive more traffic to your website? Let us know if you have any questions.

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