8 Things You Can Start to Build Customer Loyalty

Evinex Blog Things you can Start to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is important to growing and keeping sales. Have you turned your current customers into loyal customers? Do you know why they buy from you?

According to a research, 75 % of sales comes from current customers and keeping current customers is less expensive than getting new customers. It can be difficult to understand customer psychology, but it is necessary to work on providing customer satisfaction. This will help you keep and grow current customers. It will also help create better customer value.

To build customer loyalty, you need to control how well customers see your brand over your competitors. You must also create their commitment to repurchase or recommend your brand. Normally, loyal customers think well of your business, return to your brand to keep using its services, and are willing to pay more. They also refer others about your business, especially to family and friends.

Consequently, that is directly connected to the increase of sales and profits. Of course, it is a basic premise that you make customers feel satisfied with your services for letting them take these actions though. You must focus on building customer loyalty at all times and improve your measures for customer satisfaction, so that you will be able to increase the repeat customers and develop their loyalty.

These are 8 things you can start doing today to build customer loyalty.

8 Things to Build Customer Loyalty

  1. Show Gratitude to Your Customers

    Stop thinking that you are selling your products and services for the sales you made, but consider that people are choosing you over your competitors. Because of their engagement, your business exists. Showing your gratitude to customers can benefit you in many ways. You will not only make them happy for what they got from you, but they will also have a better perception of your brand and increase the loyalty. Make follow-up calls or send a Thank-You notes to customers–at least to who continually purchase from you, who did business with you, and who are your good brand advocates.

  2. Share Useful Information to Customers

    Share useful information that inspire customer interests and create a mechanism which encourages customers to actively join your events, post about your business, and interact with you. To make it happen, you must understand what information they like to know and what problems they are facing to know how to answer them. Homepages, blogs, and social media are nice places to start sharing informative contents. In order to get them read more surely, you can consider getting started with a newsletter. You can share more detailed information to those who subscribed and give them special deals there.

  3. Listen to Customers

    Listening is important in business. Marketers tend to talk about their products or what they want customers to do rather than listen to what customers think about their business. To gather customers’ voices and get deeper insights, you can conduct surveys, observations, and focus groups. Also, it is vital to provide multiple contact methods to make it easier for customers to have two-way communications. When customers want to tell you something voluntarily, you might lose the opportunity if they don’t have their preferred way of contact.

  4. Handle Complaints Appropriately

    It is basic and fundamental to provide online customer services to deal with customers. This increases the level of customer satisfaction with less efforts and decreases the cost for customer service. Nowadays, many things are able to be covered by online services. However, you need to handle the important issues, mostly complaints from customers, in person. First, you must listen carefully to what a complaint is about until they finish and deal with it flexibly by giving solutions. Fix the problem promptly, and you can control customer anger to a minimum.

  5. Build A Personal Relationship

    A personal relationship helps get to know customers better, establish stronger connections with them, and create trust and loyalty. Once you have good personal relationships with customers, you can approach them effectively and get different insights of your business. Call customers by name and stay in touch with loyal customers using customized responses. It takes time to make them become loyal but what you gain from them cannot be measured since they are the best advocates and cost-effective salespeople that lead to word-of-mouth. Also, sending a message or a small gift to customers at special occasions is nice to make customers feel more close and connected personally.

  6. Create Customer Loyalty Programs

    Customer loyalty program is a marketing strategy to entice customers to come back and grow your business by providing them incentives. You can offer loyal customers free services and free product trials. Provide surprises and do something unexpected and it will make a big difference from your competitors. In addition, you should create levels to reward appropriately based on how long they have stayed with you, how much they spend in a certain time, and how many references they created for you. By setting the levels, you can encourage them to do business with you more by getting better incentives such as bigger discounts. Make customers feel special!

  7. Use Gamification

    Rewarding customers with joy is a good approach to lead to customer loyalty. Thanks to the spread of smartphones, you are now able to make a mechanism to let people look forward to going to stores using a variety of techniques and gamification for O2O marketing. For example, people can download a limited content or game through NFC or wifi in-store. It is important to provide a unique and fun customer experience for having a great time with you.

  8. Measure Customer Loyalty

    Monitor and track the data of your customer loyalty to improve your business. It is impossible to improve what you cannot measure. With measuring, you are able to understand your strengths and weaknesses and apply the findings to your new approaches. This is critical for your business to capture value, grow, and serve better marketing services.

Once you build customer loyalty, the customers don’t go away from your business easily. With those approaches you can develop a better relationship with your customers.

What are your strategies to improve your customer loyalty? Let us know in the comments below!

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