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8 Reasons Why Small Business Needs a Mobile App

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If you own a small business, you may have doubts about whether you should develop a mobile app. The answer is always yes; you need one. If you think that creating a mobile app is only appropriated for a large business that has a solid image in the market and with a base of customers, you are wrong.

Because of the constant advance in mobile media technology, smartphones and tablets are each time becoming more important. This has caused the world to go mobile. According to statistics provided by the Smart Insights study, people are already using more mobile than desktop or laptops; 1,900 millions users of mobile technology in 2015 while 1,700 for desktop/ laptop. Moreover, adult consumers also spend more time with digital media on mobile (2.8 hours daily) than with desktop/ laptop (2.4).

As you can see, people are spending a lot of time on mobile media and about 90% of this time is spent on apps and only around 10% on mobile websites. Think about it, what is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? On average, you may check your social media platforms, your fitness app, searching for the best route to get to an appointment, check your messages or news, playing a game, or even listen to some music. For all of these activities, you are using apps. Clearly, mobile apps have become increasingly used over time.

A mobile app is a powerful tool to create not only brand awareness but also a powerful way to market their product and establish a relationship with potential customers. In our constantly connected world, customers are using more smartphones and tablets to search and shop for products and services. Because of this, creating your own business mobile app has become a necessity in the current competitive market.=

Having a well-designed and efficient app would make your business stand out from your competitors and also been able to acquire more customers. If you do not create it, you may be the one falling behind.

Here’s a list of some reasons why your business needs an app to gain more power in the market.


Why Small Business Needs a Mobile App

  1. Mobile App x Website

    You may ask yourself why your business needs a mobile app since you already have a mobile website; this is a common question among small entrepreneurs. Sometimes having just an interactive and efficient mobile site can be considered enough for some people. But if you want to stand out from your competitors and really engage with your customers, creating your own app can make all the difference in the competitive market.

    You can have an integrated marketing plan that drives a lot of traffic to your mobile page. But these new customers are more into searching for the stuff they want to buy. On the other hand, on an app, they can spend more time and will be willing to become a long-term and loyal customer. Mobile apps are more interactive than websites and create a space for open and two-way direct communication.

    Moreover, instead of having to go to a browser and search for the website, the customer can simply tap on a smartphone or tablet’s screen and use the app. Mobile apps make it easier for them to search whenever they want. A good marketing strategy is to use your websites as a way to attract new consumers and drive them to download the app.

    Even though developing a mobile app may cost you some money and time, it is something that can be a differential for your business.

  2. Apps are Unnecessary for Small Business

    Businesspeople used to think that apps are only for middle or large business and not for small ones, but that way of thinking has been changing over the last years. Since the world went mobile, smartphone apps became much more important for businesses. This marketing tool may be considered expensive and complicated, but when thinking of the long-term success of the company, an app is worth the investment.

    Although small businesses are starting to create mobile apps, many haven’t looked into building one yet. If you create one, you will be ahead of almost all of your competitors.

  3. Direct Marketing

    Once you establish a relationship with your customer through your mobile application, it is easier to communicate with them. Besides providing product and services information, including special sales and promotions, you can also send them push notifications. It is an effective way to communicate with your customers about something because you can send personalized content.

    Moreover, the best feature of the mobile application is that they are convenient for customers. Everything is right at their fingertips.

  4. Develop a Closer and Loyal Relationship with Your Customer

    No matter what you’re selling, it is essential to communicate with your customer in a way that will engage them. A mobile application is a perfect tool for this because customers can access it from anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, your app allows your customer to give feedback about your service or product, such as a review, a suggestion, or a complaint.

    If you combine an efficient and interactive app, a good product or service, and a friendly way of communicating, you will develop long-term and loyal customers, which is the most important goal of any business.

  5. Enhance Sales

    A few years ago it was unusual to think that companies would close their stores and go fully online. But now, it is something very common. This is happening because people prefer to purchase through their smartphones instead of wasting time by driving to stores. If you provide a good service on your mobile app, people will have all the information about your product or service and be able to make informed buying decisions.

    The more efficient your app is, the more customers you are going to reach, driving more sales and increasing your profit.

  6. Create Brand Awareness and Helps to Stand Out from Competitors

    Nowadays, it is essential for you to be active in different platforms of social media. It demonstrates to your customer that you want to communicate with them in different ways and that you care about them. Developing an efficient mobile application helps your business create brand awareness and recognition. A mobile app is a perfect business tool.

    Furthermore, even though small businesses are not completely aware of the benefits of creating a mobile app, you should be. That is how you will stand out from competitors. Potential customers look at all the factors before purchasing, and having an app would make your business look better than others. On the other hand, if you think that creating an app is something unnecessary, your competitors may create one and take advantage of it.

  7. Reach a Larger and Younger Audience

    If you want to reach a larger, especially younger audience, you cannot use outdated marketing strategies such as television, radio and newspaper. You need to be active on social media and use it to drive people to your mobile application. If your potential customers are young people, you must have a mobile application because they went mobile a long time ago and almost all of them have a smartphone that they use to chat with friends, browse and purchase services and products online.

  8. Easier to Track Your Data and Business Analytics

    One of the benefits of mobile applications compared to the other marketing tools is that saves you time from the long process of collecting data and analyzing it. Once you have your app, it’s easier to understand the needs of your customers. Also, you are able to deliver personalized content that will be more interesting for a specific kind of customer. Your app will help you track downloads, user engagement and what products are either arousing interest or not. This way, you can save a lot of time in this process of collecting and analyzing records.


Thus, after the world went mobile people are spending more hours on their smartphones and tablets, increasing the importance of investing on this technology. If your business doesn’t have a mobile application and is not willing to develop one, you have to be worried. Although your competitors are also not investing on it, soon they will be.

Now, it is your turn. Tell us more about what you think about creating an app for a business. Does your business have one? If not, what are you waiting for?

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