8 Blog Widgets to Improve User Experience

Evinex Blog Widgets to Improve User Experience

A blog is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can use as a content management tool. Since blogs deliver a message to target customers, it is indispensable for content marketing. You can drive traffic and offer your business value with a blog. As it is said, “content is king,” the most important element is the contents of your blog. However, blog widgets influence it and bring you many benefits.

Now through blog widgets, your readers can check out other posts, follow you on social networks, sign up for an email subscription, etc. To enhance your blog performance, you must review the functionality of your blog once again.

There are many blog widgets you can consider and here’re 8 must-have widgets.


8 Blog Widgets to Improve User Experience

  1. About Me/Us (Profile)

    Getting credibility in blogging is essential. You must have an about me section and let visitors know who is writing the blog. Your introduction should be brief and attractive.

  2. Related Posts

    Using related posts can lead readers to other pages they might be interested and raise the branding effect to them. By letting readers travel through your blog, they will remember your brand and possibly come back again. Also, with widgets, you will improve your overall SEO since they stay longer on your site reading other pages. Therefore, related posts is a widget you cannot forget to put when you have some posts in each category.

  3. Popular Posts / Recent Posts

    Popular posts is a great way to get people discover your posts. When your readers get interested in your business, they might like to read other posts. Popular posts encourage your readers to check out your best performing posts which usually have great information are shared with others. That may convert a reader from a visitor into a continuous reader. With recent posts, you can lead them to your latest posts, and raise their awareness of what you are in recently.

  4. RSS Feed / Email Subscription

    A great way to gain quality traffic to your blog is by using RSS feed and email subscriptions. When you publish new blog posts, it is possible to increase the probability of getting people come back by sending notifications using these widgets. You need to provide information they want and let them read your blog continually. RSS feed and email subscription are the best ways to inform your latest news to people who have interests in your blog.

  5. Social Share Buttons

    Social share buttons help you to spread your contents significantly outside of your networks by letting readers share and increase the reach and the page views. Set up social share buttons at a conspicuous place, such as at the end of the post and in the sidebar, and more people will talk about you and share your contents as well as foster more traffic to your blog.

  6. Social Follow Plugins

    As most bloggers use social media actively to increase traffic and gain awareness, it is a good way for social media marketing to give readers options to connect on social media and improve interaction with you. With social follow plugins, you are able to not only increase the number of followers but also reach out more people when the readers share your blog contents with friends. Along with social share buttons, you should add social follow plugins to achieve your overall marketing goals.

  7. Category List

    Category list is a simple way to attract readers. It shows what topics your blog has talked and what your readers can read from your blog so that they can more easily find more of your content easier. Unlike tags grouping by detailed information, the category should be a little bit broad grouping. Make sure your category list is well crafted and organized to arouse the interests of readers.

  8. Back to Top Button

    This button makes it easier to go back to the top of the page. It is beneficial for your readers because they don’t need to scroll up to the top when they read a long blog by just clicking the back to top buttons. Most blogs have the most important widgets, so it will increase the chance to notice it. Besides, it usually is effortless to install so why not add one?


A blog has the power to drive target people to your website, enhance their interests and have them promote your business. You can make your blog more reader-friendly by having good contents and useful blog widgets.


What blog widgets do you use? If you have any other things for a better UX on a blog, share your opinion with us!

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