7 Email Signature Tips to Keep it Professional

Evinex Blog Email Signature Tips to Keep it Professional

Email is a crucial means of communication for businesses. In most businesses, people start the day checking emails. People usually spend a some time reading, creating, and answering emails. Therefore, since it is used on a daily basis, we can say that business communication isn’t established without email. Also, depending on which kind of email you use, the impression of you and your company will be different. Therefore, you must pay attention to how your emails are seen by subscribers and create them carefully.

Among email contents, email signatures have a great influence as a marketing tool. It can be used as an online business card and company advertisement. Especially when sending emails to external people, it is possible to not only provide contact information, but to also casually promote using email signatures.


7 Email Signature Tips

  1. Keep it Simple and Short

    Email signature should be simple and short. Many business people want to promote what they and their company do as much as possible to make more sales. However, longer email signatures aren’t good because of data capacity. Therefore, longer email signature are not preferred in business.

  2. Contain Multiple Contact Information

    People are all different. Favorite ways to connect vary from person to person. By providing multiple ways to reach you, people can choose their preferred platform. The followings are basic contact information you should provide.

    • Your Contact Information

      • Name
      • Title
      • Phone Number
      • Email Address
    • Company Information

      • Company Name
      • Mailing Address
      • Company Phone Number
      • Company Website
  3. Provide Social Media Icons

    Nowadays, many email signatures contain social media icons so people can contact you easily. This increases the chance to connect with subscribers and leads to better relationships in the future.

  4. Include a Disclaimer

    An email disclaimer is a notice or warning such as privacy, privilege, and copyright. In particular, legal disclaimers must be to be observed. With an email disclaimer, you can protect your information and/or business.

  5. Design for Mobile Devices

    Make sure that your email signature is visible on mobile devices and fits smaller screens, as well as desktops. Recently, many emails are read from mobile devices. Making your signature mobile friendly will increase and help your business development.

  6. Consider Your Branding

    Some marketers say logo or images shouldn’t be on email signatures, but logos or images are important elements and they must be in email signature. Since images appeal to our perceptions, your logo or image would have more possibilities to stay in the mind of the receivers.

  7. Promote Your Service or Campaign

    It is possible to promote your business in an email signature. You can attach URLs that you want to introduce to receivers. For example, you can include new services or campaigns by providing a URL. Without causing any hassle to the receivers, you are able to direct them to a certain page.


In conclusion, every email signature is different and you can create your own depending on what you would like to express. There are many things you can include in your email signature. Depending on your business, you can add more or remove some. Keep these tips in mind to keep your emails professional.


What else do you put on your email signature?

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