10 Ways Instagram Can Help Your Brand Identity

Evinex Blog Ways Instagram Can Help Your Brand Identity

It is notorious that social media has been increasing their importance for business in the last years. Nowadays, having an integrated marketing strategy on social media is something essential for the success of a company. One of the most important social media platforms is Instagram; created in 2010 it is already the second most used social media in the world with more than 400 million users, according to CNN. In only six years, the platform already has more active users than Twitter (320 million) and LinkedIn (100 million), for example.

Different from Facebook that is a multifunctional platform and Twitter that is more focused on short written messages, Instagram is used for photo and video, whereas you can edit your posts using a diversity of effects.

You may ask yourself if your business needs to be on Instagram. The answer is yes. Even if your business is not visually appealing such as the food and clothing industry, you provide a service and know about it. So you have to take advantage of this to enhance your brand awareness.

According to an infographic study called “How Social Media Influence Business,” more than 50% of marketers believe that social media has helped them to improve sales. Moreover, 89% of them affirm that using the social media to generate business exposure, 75% to increase traffic, 69% to gain marketplace intelligence, 65% building loyal fan base, 61% to create leads, 47% to reduce marketing expenses and 43% to improve sales.

Furthermore, still according to the research, Instagram has been growing over the last years and becoming more important to a business. For example, in the area of Marketing Agencies, companies are acquiring more customers from Instagram (58%), than Facebook (45%) and Twitter (35%). The same occurs in the area of Professional Services/ Consulting, whereas Instagram leads with 56%, followed by Facebook (43%) and Twitter (30%). The industries of Technology (Software) and Banking/Insurance-Financial Services also acquires more customers from Instagram than in other social media. So even though your business is not related to any of this areas, Instagram is a platform that has a lot of power and can help your business.

There are a lot of ways that Instagram can help your company to enhance brand awareness. So here are some tips that will be helpful for you when you are creating and managing your account.


10 Ways to Help Your Brand Identity

  1. Have Consistencies on Your Name and Profile Image

    When you are creating your Instagram account, you have to be careful while choosing the name and the picture of it. They both have to reflect your brand’s identity but also something easy to search; this is how people are going to find you. Furthermore, your account’s name has to match your Twitter and Facebook profile. This would make easier for your customers to reach you on different platforms.

  2. Have a Concise and Engaging bio Providing a Link of Your Website

    Instagram is a social media that focuses on photos, videos, and hashtags. The bio is where you can briefly describe your company and its activities. This is the first thing that users tend to see when they go to a new profile. So make sure to have an efficient and concise text where you engage your audience. Moreover, you should provide a link to your website or mobile app that would drive more traffic to it. That will allow you to communicate better with your audience and also sell your product or service.

  3. Create a Customized Hashtag for Your Brand and Make Strong Use of It

    One of the easiest ways to become popular and recognized on Instagram is customizing your own hashtag and using it. This is an exciting way to promote and market your own brand and promotions. The main idea of hashtags is to enhance brand identity and create a bond with your customer; they might start using it too and becomes easier to engage with them. Moreover, having a partnership with profiles that have the same target audience and they using your hashtag can also drive more traffic to your profile.

    Companies are making strong use of hashtags to achieve their target audience. Campaigns like #ShareaCoke – Coca-Cola and #HaveABreak – KitKat is good examples of how this strategy can create a closer relationship with your customer. Just make sure you don’t create a long hashtag, they have to be short and concise. Otherwise, people will not understand or not even read it.

  4. Professional Content and with Quality

    First of all, be sure that your professional account is separated from your personal one. Even though you have some great photos from one of your trips but they have nothing to do with your business, so do not post it. Make sure to keep your account professional. Moreover, make sure to use only high-quality photos and videos; it reflects professionalism and helps to enhance your business’ image.

    Another good point about Instagram that differs it from other social media is that it provides you a lot of editing tools that can improve your content and attracts more interaction with your followers. Just be sure to use the effects in a way that does not affect the reality of the content.

  5. Be Creative and Engage with Your Audience

    There are millions of photos uploaded to Instagram every hour. So how can you differentiate your content from all the rest? The best thing is to be creative when you are developing your content. It needs to be informational, educational, inspiring, arouses curiosity, entertaining or funny. Once you start posting, you will notice what kind of content is more interesting for your followers. Then you can understand and engage with your audience better.

  6. Avoid Pushing Your Followers to Buy Your Product

    Instagram is a platform that the users are constantly following and unfollowing profiles. Moreover, this is not a social media that was made to sell product and services. So if you are looking for long-term followers that can turn into customers, you have to avoid pushing them to buy your stuff. The best thing to do it is to try to take your followers to your business’ website, where you can communicate better and also try to drive them to purchase something.

  7. Define Your Target Audience and Post on a Consistent Schedule

    People from different ages use social media differently; young people tend to use it during the whole day while adults tend to use it early morning and after business hours. Once you define your target audience, you have to start posting your content on a consistent schedule to reach them. People tend to unfollow Instagram profiles that post too much content in a short period. On the other hand, if you rarely post you will not create recognition and will not arouse interests among the users.

  8. GeoTag Your Posts

    This feature can be beneficial for your business. Once you add location to your photo, it creates a map and also shows the location of each of your posts on it. So if you use this feature, people will know where your business is located making it easier to find you. Also, customers that live nearby you may have more chances to interact with you.

  9. Building a Relationship with Your Customer

    One of the most important things about business is how good your customer service is. Since this “boom” of social media, customers have a direct way to communicate with the companies, post complements or complains about particular products or services. Once they do it, everyone can see it. Even though your company receives a complaint, you should never delete it. You have to take advantage of this error and provide the best solution possible for the problem. So this person that was unhappy about something can become a long-term customer.

    Moreover, if you take care of a problem on your Instagram or any other social media, people will see that you care about your customer. And that will enhance your brand recognition. Always communicate with your customer, that’s one of the best ways to market your business.

  10. Integrated Marketing Strategy

    Nowadays social media can be considered more important than television, radio, and newspaper for your business. That is why you need to have an integrated marketing strategy on all your vehicles. Make sure that your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also your website transmit the same message to your customer. This will help them to know your business, and because of that, you will also enhance your brand awareness.


Social media is a critical factor for the success of your business in this competitive market. Instagram is an essential platform for any business, and it will enhance your brand awareness and create brand recognition.


So now we would like to hear from you, how do you use Instagram to enhance your brand awareness? Let us know if you have any doubt about how to use it.

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